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The I can't believe I haven't done this already list!
In no particular order, just a really long list of Transformers and related characters.
1. Rewind
2. Eject
3. Ramhorn
4. Steeljaw
5. Sinnertwin
6. Rippersnapper
7. Blot
8. Cutthroat
9. Hun-Gurrr
10. Abominus
11. Trypticon
12. Metroplex
13. Ultra Magnus

Again. Wrong Pic, should be G1 U.M.

14. Hardhead
15. Chromedome
16. Brainstorm
17. Highbrow
18. Fortress Maximus
19. Scorponok
20. Weirdwolf
21. Skullcruncher
22. Mindwipe
23. Apeface
24. Snapdragon
25. Sureshot
26. Pointblank
27. Crosshairs
28. Triggerhappy
29. Slugslinger
30. Misfire
31. Jazz
32. Thrust

Seriously?!? Why isn't this the original Thrust?

33. Dirge
34. Ramjet
35. Shockwave
36. Sixshot
37. Skids
38. Tracks
39. Smokescreen
40. Devcon
41. Grapple
42. Inferno
43. Red Alert
44. Quintesson
45. Wreck-Gar
46. Moonracer
47. Dinobots
48. Predaking
49. Razorclaw
50. Tantrum
EganTheVile1on Dec. 29, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.
Awesome, totally recommending this list! Heck I added most of those pages! Keep checking the TF franchise page as it has been and still is a huge project filling out that portion of the sites wiki and I am constantly adding new characters!
EganTheVile1on Dec. 29, 2010 at 6 p.m.
Though I will say, most of these pages cover all continuities so you have to stop obsessing on G1 images LOL, Did swap out Scourge's for you though, I like the G1 version most too
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