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And thanks to the fact that I could recognize a 40+ year old Yes song, I am officially old.
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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Aku no Hana Series Discussion

I think that any of the elements to Flowers of Evil wouldn't work on their own, but the slow pace, strange rotoscoping, sparce and creepy music all work, especially in the third episode when it finally burst into action for a little bit. (It was moving so slow I could associate with the stunned reaction of the main character during... that scene in episode 3. By the time he realized he better start physically fighting back, it was far too late.)

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Off-Topic » H.O.T.D.

There's not a second season. There are some DVD exclusive OVAs which are of questionable quality unless you want some really hyper fan service episodes. But if you're looking for the plot to be advanced, nothing on those things will help you.

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K » K Anime Discussion Thread

@Supreme Marvel said:

@Beelze17: It was just the vibe I got when watching it. Seemed set up for that. I've seen something similar in other animé, thought I'd carry on, then guys start kissing. So it seems easier to just not watch it and ask while watching other animé. That's the reason why I didn't watch the other episodes.

There's definitely some bishounen character design going on here which might be what's triggering that impression, but everyone has the elegant pretty look in this show, not just the guys. Neko and Seri have impossible character designs as well. K reminds me of Togainu no Chi in it's character designs and use of color which is where I'm getting that Boys Love vibe. It's interesting that K seems to have a stronger BL vibe without having any of it's elements, where Togainu didn't care that it's characters were gay for the most part, focusing on the drugs, environment, and violence which just happened to be between gay characters. (I should probably edit that Togainu page, I don't think it's a royal flush they're after, but any hand better than a full house will do, since it's the hand that Il Re is fought with if I remember correctly.)

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Just Anime » Ani-Crap Poll #9

@Wraith said:

R-15, I only watched one episode of it and that was all I could handle of it

R-15. I actually watched two episodes because I couldn't believe that the first episode was really as bad as I thought it was. I was right, it was WORSE than I thought it was.

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Toonami » What would be the Ideal Lineup for Toonami's Revival?

I'm going to take a few things into consideration before creating my list.

1) Midnight to 6am timeslot on Saturdays

2) Blue laws in effect allowing me to go a bit further than what might normally be permissible on Cartoon Network proper

3) The shows are going to be repeated twice each night. 12 midnight to 3am, then re-run from 3am to 6am. Six shows, half hour format, and with some editting, there's going to be room for one show that's a micro-episodic show.

4) I'm not going to worry about licensing and I'm not going to be afraid to put out a sub.

Show #1: The Shonen Anchor: Fairy Tail

Naruto's owned by Disney, Bleach has already been aired, and One Piece didn't have the greatest reception in the United States. (A less edited version of One Piece, by the way, is waiting in the wings if the Shonen shows prove to be popular to be paired with Fairy Tail and expand the Shonen imprint on the new Toonami, but I'm not leading with it out of the gate.) It's relatively recent, fun, sprawling, and fills in a niche that Toonami's served for a while and has been known to deliver on.

Show #2: Silly, Sweet, and Explosive: Full Metal Panic!

With high school romance, military ass-kicking, and quirky characters, Full Metal Panic! works as a transition to darker shows as we hit the section that's only going to be shown from 1am to 2am and 4am to 5am, where I'm going to put my shows which push the envelope the most. I have three seasons to work with (FMP, FMP? FUMOFFU, and FMP The Second Raid) to try to figure out, if successful, which direction the audience is telling me to go. If there's a spike during FUMOFFU, more comedy is needed, if FMP and Second Raid are higher, more military action can follow in 2013. My initial impression is to have Gurren Lagann on deck to follow this up.

Show #3: The Hyper-Violent Homage: Black Lagoon

If Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine had a love child and abandoned her as a child, she might grow up to be Revy. Revy might be one of the strongest, most relentless female characters in the history of anime and could be reminiscent to people of Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi. It's an homage to much loved shows, but something new and as far as I know, hasn't been on American TV. Jormungand is on deck here, and I can spend a weekend letting everything rest if this is successful by playing Roberta's Blood Trail for a weekend.

Show #4: A Harder Edge to Simpler Times: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Obviously the similarities to the Powerpuff Girls is the itch I'm scratching here, but with an insane perverted twist. I can always pull in Powerpuff Girls X as well in this slot to let it rest if successful, but I'm going to push some boundries here, but I'd expect some editting so I'm going to throw some microburst stuff after this.

Show #4.9: I Hate to Do This But I Need to Catch Up On My Time: Hetalia: Axis Powers

I've made it clear, that I *hate* the very concept of Hetalia, but I'm not blind to the fact that it's wildly popular and that it can draw. If I can draw numbers, I can further experiment, so here comes the cute boys. I'm probably going to have enough edits for Black Lagoon and Panty and Stocking, where I'm going to have a few minutes to kill, and Hetalia's short time frame lets me get back on schedule.

Show #5: The Masou Shoujo Massacre: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

One of people's most fond memories of Toonami was that it introduced Sailor Moon to the United States. I'm going to reverse course and play the show that turned the Magical Girl thing on it's head. I'm looking to pair this eventually with Mawaru Penguindrum, which personally I found more subversive than Madoka, which should give Madoka some time to rest after it's first run. With my initial line up I want to lead with my best foot forward to the public, so Madoka's the right call in the public's consciousness.

Show #6: No FOOLY around: Is This a Zombie?

Here's going to be the most questionable one, but I want a show that leaves you with the same feeling you had watching FLCL. I want people to walk away from the block wondering what the hell they just saw, so I'm going to punctuate this by having a Zombie, raised by a Necromancer, being chopped in half with a sentient chainsaw being wielded by a more traditional Magical Girl. I want a bit of FLCL's absurdity here, and no show recently has channeled that kind of zany Looney Tunes inspired madness better. Ben-To's waiting in the wings to follow this because I want the absurd and entertaining to be somewhere here.

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General Discussion » The saddest moment

Wandering Son's ending was pretty brutal. Even though you know it's coming, the end of episode 22 of Persona 4 is also evil.

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General Discussion » The AlphaVictorians Cast Judgment on 2011.

@damswedon said:

Crap people listen to this!

I need to edit out the part in the next show where I call everyone fucking assholes for not voting for Wandering Son in the year end thing.

Thanks for bringing up my most agonizing choice to leave out of my top 5. Between Wandering Son, AnoHana, another season of Kimi no Todoke, Fate/Zero, and Hanasaku Iroha, my bottom five of a top 10 would have been a good top 5 for any year.

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General Discussion » Pick A New Watch & Learn!

I had to put up a vote for Chihayafuru, since right now it's the show that for this season that's come out of left field and blown my mind. I'm looking at the list of things you want to watch though, and there's nowhere you can go wrong with the shows on that list.

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Off-Topic » Things that you dislike in series

If there's anything I hate in anime more than the tsundere romantic lead female, it might be tentacle rape, but barely. Naru I'm looking at you. Is it really so hard to have a female lead in a romantic comedy who actually likes the main character?

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Just Anime » First v.s. Last Anime you watched.

For last I'll just go with the last episode that I watched.

First: Danguard Ace (Yes, growing up you had Toonami, and I had Force Five being broadcast out of some UHF station in Dorchester, MA.)

Last: Chihayafuru

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Just Anime » What is your top 5 anime (no particular order)

Wow... thanks for at least giving a no particular order to that, I'd hate to try to order this.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Kimi Ni Todoke

Paranoia Agent



Damn, that's a random list.

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General Discussion » It's Time To Pick Another Watch & Learn

There's a lot of good things on the maybe list, but I had to vote for "Monster" which I think is one of the best series I've ever watched.  But you're not going to go wrong with Full Metal Panic or Steins;Gate (if you liked Chaos;Head, or maybe even if you didn't).   
And School Days?  Really?  I mean, "nice boat" and all, if you're going to shock and awe, at least go with something like Texhnolyze.
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Gantz » Anyone going to see Gantz on Jan 20?

Disagree with you completely vlaphor.  I loved it.  Good job of mixing up enough violence and gore to make it connected to the source, but not so much that it felt like they were exploiting it.  I feared the latter with the cast they assembled, but they pulled it off much better than I expected.   
Only real gripe is that Kei's journey to 100 points is a given now, the moral dilemma of what to do when he gets there is too good to pass up, which is going to make the tension of the journey not that great.  The voice acting wasn't great, I would have rather seen it subtitled, but it's fine for what it was, which was MUCH better than Death Note's live action film.
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