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Last week I went over the six series which make up the new Super Six, but there's more that I've been watching, and I wanted to spend some time with those series which didn't make the initial list. It's not to say that some of the series might not crawl up into that group, and a few are making pretty strong cases that they deserve to be there. Without further ado, the other shows I've been watching this season which may, or may not, be worth your time.

I'm No. 6(B)!

Fate/Zero (Episode 4)

I briefly mentioned last week that the first episode of Fate/Zero was making my head hurt. It's the polar opposite of Persona 4 in that there's a whole lot of context being put out during the first episode, so much that it needed a double shot to cram as much in as possible. There's so much going on that it borders on overwhelming someone who isn't familiar with the universe, and last week after fighting through the episode, I was walking the tightrope of walking away from the show. It's a good thing I didn't. I ran through the next three episodes in short order. I love the spin on the Arthurian legend with Saber, and love even more how the masters and their legendary charges are rarely in line with each other. You have some of the greatest heroes in history, many who had great military conquests, and it makes sense that they won't be listening to or adhering closely to their "Masters" wishes, despite what those Magus had thought going into the conflict. The fighting is paced incredibly well, and it's shocking to me that this is the first ufotable anime I've watched (though their style is familiar from the Disgaea games).

If not for the laborious start of the show, this would be Last Exile's spot and Fate/Zero would be in the Super Six. Even with it not being there, anyone interested shouldn't wait to start watching, and should maybe send a poke at Levance to continue blogging about the show (if not too busy with University and Higurashi/Umineko).

If You Like This Type of Thing, You'll Like This Thing of That Type.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Episode 3)

By the inclusion of Mayo Chiki! in last season's Super Six, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I don't object to a good harem comedy. I like the concept of Tomodachi, but the characters could stand to spend a little less time bickering and fighting among each other. I like Kodaka as a main character, and I haven't changed my opinion that this show is going to sink or swim based on him. It was good to see a bit of Kodaka's messed up home life, and the interaction between him and Sena in the second half of the third episode worked well to start advancing the relationships between the initial characters in the Neighbor's Club before the requisite increase in potential PVC figcharacters come into the club. There's still potential for it to be decent, as long as it continues to focus on developing the growth in the friendships between the characters, and not just their adversarial interactions with each other.

Guilty Crown (Episode 2)

To find out if you like Guilty Crown, you only need to ask yourself one question. Would you have watched Code Geass if Lelouch was a weakling? Because if you wanted that, then come look behind this curtain, because I have a show for you. Shu is nearly the exact opposite character archtype as Lelouch but put through the same process. Japan under martial law and relegated to outside rule? Check. Strange girl bestowing great power? Check. Shadow Organization wanting to use this new power to advance a political uprising? Check. Gorgeous animation and great music? Check. This is basically Code Geass version 1.1, and if you liked that show you'll love this one. If you thought it was too pretentious or nationalistic, you'll think this show's too pretentious or nationalistic too. It's no shock that the same writer did both series, so if you have an opinion on one, you'll have an opinion on both.

If you haven't watched Code Geass and are still wondering if you should watch Guilty Crown, then ask yourself if you want an almost obnoxiously overconfident hero, or one who's reluctant to use this newfound power. This series is for those who want the latter, for the former, skip this and watch Code Geass instead.

C3 (Episode 3)

Two weeks ago I mentioned how I was moments away from shutting this show down and putting it in the drop pile before it went into Elfen Lied mode and began an insane fight scene filled with blood and gore. I said at that time that Fear-in-Cube had better do her best Lucy impression if the show was going to keep me interested. And that's exactly what episode 3 delivered, Fear in a crazed destructive fury tearing limbs off her attacker and basically going berserk. There's plenty of dark action here and if you liked Elfen Lied, you'll probably feel right at home here, as Fear is more a Lucy/Nyu hybrid than she is a Eucliwood Hellsythe.

The Queue is Closed

That's it for this week, as next week I plan on looking at series which are in serious jeapordy of being dropped and giving them one last week to sink or swim. This is becoming an excellent season for new anime, and there's too many good series out there for bad ones to survive on my watchlist for long. I also want to take a look at Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle, which I said I wouldn't comment on until Episode 4 to give it time to develop.

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