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@andr413: As long as Kirito has a beating heart Murasame's poison curse will work. Kirito would be a challenge for Akame but in the end who do you think is the better fighter? A child soldier who spent her whole childhood training to kill and many years of being an assassin under her belt? Or someone who has dabbled in a bit of kendo and survived a death game where you can live fatal blows if you have enough HP? Also I think the rules for battling in the forums say that Akame and Kirito know nothing about each other or their skills, meaning no before hand strategies. So Kirito has no information about Akame but Akame has been shown to gather information about her opponent while she is fighting. No matter how you look at it Akame has the advantage in this fight.

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I think Akame has the upper hand. It would be a close fight and even if Kirito is duel weilding I can't think of many situations where he would be the clear victor. They are both dangerous swordsman but I would say Akame is most situations. Due to Murasame's ability all She needs is one opening and one cut to kill him. Not to mention in the anime Murasame's trump card is enhancing Akame's speed and strength to an even more ridiculous degree. Not to mention she is never flinches when fighting someone in battle. She never lets surprise get to her or lets her personal feelings get in the way so Kirito's magical power of making every girl he meets falling in love with him won't have affect lol. Joking aside either way it would be an entertaining fight that would last well over 5 minutes.

I don't really like SAO (I'm probably the most passionate hater for the show) and I haven't paid attention to anything past the fairy arc so unless Kirito has gotten to DBZ levels of power to overpower her or has gotten something to counteract Murasame's poison to level the playing field Akame has the advantage in most respects though no where near enough to call it a stomp or a 100% sure thing.

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Alucard » What characters could...

Actually I think Alucard would let some characters defeat him seeing he wants to die but by honorable hands...Saying if someone like Saber or Archer from Type-moon Fate/stay night or maybe goku could. He would put up a fight and have fun but when it is all out he would just not think he was anywhere there for being dead.

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