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My 4-girl team of badassery.

1. Rukia Kuchiki

Older than the rest of the group combined, Rukia is the most experienced in battle and squad tactics, getting her chance to shine as a leader. Her ice powers will cool any heated situation, and while her sword may be known as the most beautiful in the Soul Society, it's also very deadly.

2. Erza Scarlet

Earning the title "Titania" as the most powerful female member of the Fairy Tail Guild, Erza Scarlet is an S-Class mage whose re-quipping abilities allow her to change her armour and weapons on the fly to suit almost any situation. Whatever you do, don't get on her bad side.

3. Android 18

Once just a girl, Dr. Gero made her better... faster... stronger... it's the beautiful but deadly Android 18! She's quick and has an unlimited reservoir of energy, but let's be honest; she's more powerful than a Super Saiyan so she's clearly the powerhouse of this team.

4. Saeko Busujima

Usually calm and collected on the outside, Saeko has a dark side deep within that drives her. While she's only human, she's extremely skilled in swordplay and dealing with hordes of "them" (zombies), making her ideal both for Crowd Control and as backup for Rukia when things are rough.

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