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So my last blog was about an anime soundtrack, and the one before that was about an anime calendar, so why not round things off with some anime figures? 

 Say what you want, this is god damn adorable
 Say what you want, this is god damn adorable

So as promised, here's a totally adorable Azusa anime figurine, ready to hit the beach in her pink swimsuit (or mizugi... if you want to be all Japanese about it...) as seen in the anime series itself.
Of course, this figure comes with optional cat ears. Because it's AzusaDuh. 
You can pick this up from Play-Asia if you're the type who's willing to slap down 45 dollars for an anime figure (though you won't get it until April or something, this one's rather popular). Personally, I'm not one of those people, but I do think it's pretty cute. This is one of Wave's "Beach Queens" anime figures, thought personally I think "Beach Princesses" would have been more apt, but hey. 
Also available is a tanned version, I prefer the regular though. 

Here's the rest of the K-On! gang: 

The Beach Queen series spans across tons of franchises and characters, here are the Oreimo figures (unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Manami figure yet). Kirino seems a little bustier than she should be, and there's something just a tad... off with the Kuroneko figure (which is a shame because I like Kuroneko) but they're still both nice regardless. 

So yeah, just thought I'd post about these, I think they're nice, even if I'll never buy one. Or probably any other anime figure for that matter, but hey, that's just me. 
Man, I feel sorry for collectors, anime figurine collecting is an expensive sport indeed.
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