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Something I've noticed popping up quite a bit in anime recently is gender bending, an interesting concept to say the least. Is it more popular than it used to be? Or has it always been present to the extent it is right now?

 Your breasts can cause more trouble than you might think
 Your breasts can cause more trouble than you might think
I bring this up mostly because I recently watched through Kampfer, an anime about a guy who wakes up one morning to find he's transformed into a girl... he then finds out his tiger plushie can talk, but that's beside the point. He'd been transformed into a girl because he'd been chosen to be a 'Kampfer', a being born to fight other Kampfers, but the catch is all Kampfers are female, hence the transformation. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the series, goofy and ridiculous as it was.

Not long after that I saw some artwork for the second season of Seikon no Qwaser, and to my surprise (I'd forgotten about the teaser at the end of the first season...) the main character in that show appears to be a woman now too!
I think it's actually quite an interesting concept, watching as the character has to adjust to their lives as the opposite sex, and deal with all the funny and awkward situations that arise from it.

There was also the character 'Charles' in Infinite Stratos who was disguised as a boy, but turned out to be a girl, only to the surprise of the other characters in the series of course, as it was obvious all along to the viewer. I'm know this counts as a 'trap' rather than gender bending, but in many ways it's a similar premise.

I'm sure many of you can think of other recent examples.

So, what are your thoughts on this, has this sort of thing become more popular recently? Do you like the idea in general?
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