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Your friendly neighbourhood moderator Newten is back once again with more quality image uploads to the site, what's on show this time? More high quality screencaps, for Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and the season premiere of Sora no Otoshimono: Forte.

"Get Naked! The Naked Hero Returns!"

Tomoki has started dreaming about the angel with blue hair once again, so the team decide to use a machine that lets them enter Tomoki's dream and try to figure it out once and for all. However, things never go very smoothly in this show, and they end up visiting each other's dreams in turn instead of just Tomoki's, chaos, of course, ensues. 

Also, it's clear that Sora is a series that doesn't mind poking fun at itself, as can be seen in the new opening, any fan of the series should find this hilarious. I don't think they could have made a better opening for the new second season. 

Ichiban Ushiro no Daemaou

I've emptied all of the episode galleries for Ichiban and uploaded fresh screencaps for each episode, they are now all consistently high quality and there are more of them. Before there were caps with subtitles (please don't upload images covered in subtitles!) a few were watermarked and the size and quality of the images varied quite a bit, so I've cleaned it all up. Here are caps from various points in the series. 

 It's okay, it's just a sea cucumber!
 It's okay, it's just a sea cucumber!

If you're into fanservice, Ichiban has plenty of it, but it's also full of action too. I watched it all in a few sittings, and I'm still not entirely sure what happened... but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

What I'm working on

  • I'm still working on the Highschool of the Dead series, it was quite a mess so I've cleared out the episode galleries and will be filling them back in later. 
  • I'll also be working on the previous season of Sora soon as those episode pages are pretty bare. 
  • Almost forgot, I'll add the Ichiban specials into the site's database and upload images for those.
  • And I'll occasionally be updating episode galleries of various different anime series to replace the current images with full HD Blu-ray caps, like I did with episode 4 of K-On! 
Please don't mess with the episode galleries of the shows I've mentioned, I'm working on them! Thanks! 
Hope you enjoyed my image update, if you did, let me know and I'll keep posting updates for you guys, if you have any suggestions of any kind, such as other anime series I should tackle, let me know.
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