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My top 5 anime and top 5 manga.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z was something I grew up with, little needs to be said here really. I don't think anything will ever take it's place.

2. Bleach

Bleach is what happens when you take Dragon Ball Z, but make it about dead people and slicing guys in half instead of aliens and punching guys in the face.

3. Clannad

The only anime so far that's had me close to shedding tears. It really sets itself apart from any other anime I've watched, it's an emotional roller-coaster, as cliché as that may sound. Can't possibly recommend Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ highly enough.

4. Mysterious Girlfriend X

Many people turn their nose up at the mere premise of this show, and considering it's about a boy and a girl tasting each other's drool, it's understandable. Those willing to give it a try might be pleasantly surprised though. Interesting characters, a retro art-style, unique musical score, and an unexpected supernatural twist combine to really set this anime apart from anything else I've watched.

5. The Familiar of Zero

This kind of feels like the anime equivalent of Harry Potter. Except most of the main characters are girls. And there's a talking sword. And Dumbledore's a pervert.

6. Fairy Tail

Imagine if you took a Japanese RPG like Final Fantasy and turned it into a manga. That's kind of what Fairy Tail is. There's a guild full of adventurers with different powers and abilities that form teams and go on quests together. It's like Bleach, Naturo and One Piece's loveable little brother.

takashichea moderator on Jan. 20, 2013 at 5:09 p.m.

I finish Angel Beats, and a lot of folks were comparing it to Clannad to see which one is more sadder than the other. I'll add that to my recommendations list. Thanks Daniel.

Supreme Marvelon July 16, 2013 at 4:33 p.m.

Clannad also had me in tears. I can't say that about other animé shows.

Familiar of Zero got me back into animé. The rest is history from there.

taichokage is online on Feb. 20, 2014 at 8:20 a.m.
Bleach was the first major anime I got into. DBZ was the second earliest one I had seen although only a bit, nowhere near it's entirety. Hokuto no Ken was the first. Of course I've seen Fairy Tail too, although I have some catching up to do. Like Taka I saw Angel Beats and Clannad was probably the top recommendation I got when it came to a similar anime. I've yet to see I though.
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