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Finally, a Kintect game that we, as anime fans, can be truly excited about! ...right?

Are you ready for DBZ Kinect? This guy is.
Are you ready for DBZ Kinect? This guy is.

Namco Bandai officially announced "Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect™" (I'm assuming the game will have a snazzier title soon enough) today at a press event in Las Vegas. Like Dragon Ball Z games before it, Dragon Ball Z Kinect will offer many fighters to choose from--over 50 in this case–including a new character and over 100 moves performed by you in front of the Kinect camera. That's right, as you'd expect you'll be Kamehameha-ing your way through this game, all in first person! The game will include a Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, and I'll hazard a guess at some sort of Tournament Mode and Training Mode, at the very least. The game also supports some hot QR code action. Holding up QR codes to the Kinect camera unlocks characters and power-ups in the game. The full Press Release can be read here.

As an added bonus the game comes new anime footage never released in the US or Europe. Anyone want to guess what that will be? The Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! special perhaps? Or maybe Episode of Bardock? Which somehow doesn't have a page here. Someone get on that.

What do you guys think? Ready to power-up Super-Saiyan-Style?

Daniel Newton is a moderator for Anime Vice and Screened. Follow him on twitter: @Daniel_Newton and @AnimeVicers

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