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Dan's Approved Dubs

As a "hardcore" anime fan, I generally prefer watching anime in Japanese with subtitles. Occasionally though, I enjoy a good dub. This is a list of English anime dubs I personally enjoyed and approve of.

1. Dragon Ball Z

I won't lie, the English dub is great in spots and terrible in others, chunks of the script are completely made up or mistranslated, but overall it's pretty solid and the further into the series you go, the better the dub gets.

2. Dragon Ball Z Kai

Hands down the best dub I've ever heard. Accurate scripts, better casting (Frieza's voice is fantastic), and just better voice work in general. Compare Sean Schemmel (Goku) in this to the early DBZ episodes, he's improved by leaps and bounds over the years.

3. Space☆Dandy

Though as of this writing I've only seen a few episodes, this seems to be an excellent dub through and through. There were complaints by some people about a mistranslation in a conversation between Dandy and Honey being different, but other than that it's really solid.

4. The Familiar of Zero

While I probably prefer the Japanese (who can resist Rie Kugimiya's iconic tsundere voice?) this is a solid dub and it's a real shame it only covers the first series.

5. Heaven's Lost Property

Another solid dub, particularly love Kara Edwards as Nymph.

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