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Hi there, welcome to "Building a Better Wiki", a blog series where I aim to explore different aspects of our giant wiki database to find out how to best utilize them or improve upon them to make sure we're building the best anime and manga wiki on the web!

The main image for franchise pages is typically a manga volume cover or an anime poster. That's okay, but that means there are lots of pages with the same main image in the wiki. Using a logo differentiates franchise pages from anime and manga pages, and it looks nice to boot.


  • Dimensions: At least 300 x 300, make sure it's perfectly square (500 x 500, 600 x 600, etc.), this stops automatic cropping used in certain places on the site.
  • Format: PNG is preferred, just make sure you never get close to 10MB in filesize (usually you won't even surpass 1MB) as images that large can cause glitches in image galleries. If an image is too large, shrink it down, 600 x 600 is a good size.
  • Preferred Source (in order): US anime, US manga, JP anime, JP manga (check Wikipedia, official websites, anime title cards, anime DVD covers, and manga volume covers) use a logo that represents the entire franchise e.g. Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z.
  • Do Not Use: Fan art, also try to avoid vector traces, technically that's unofficial (avoid deviantART, that site's full of vectors)
  • Gallery/Caption: In the franchise page image gallery, create a gallery named "Logos" and caption the image "US/JP anime/manga logo - franchise name" for example: "US anime logo - Dragon Ball" or "JP manga logo - Bleach" if a franchise doesn't have a US release or uses the same logos for both, drop the US/JP part at the beginning of the caption.

As for the image itself, using a transparent background is best, but only use it if it's a clean logo from a legitimate source. A plain background, white preferably, is the second best option. If you can't get a plain background, just make sure the logo isn't obscured. Also, leave a small gap between the sides of the logo and the edge of the image. Below are some examples using these guidelines. If you make any logo image, please post them here too!

~Thanks for reading, keep up the good wiki work!

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