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Finally, a Kintect game that we, as anime fans, can be truly excited about! ...right?

Are you ready for DBZ Kinect? This guy is.
Are you ready for DBZ Kinect? This guy is.

Namco Bandai officially announced "Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect™" (I'm assuming the game will have a snazzier title soon enough) today at a press event in Las Vegas. Like Dragon Ball Z games before it, Dragon Ball Z Kinect will offer many fighters to choose from--over 50 in this case–including a new character and over 100 moves performed by you in front of the Kinect camera. That's right, as you'd expect you'll be Kamehameha-ing your way through this game, all in first person! The game will include a Story Mode, Score Attack Mode, and I'll hazard a guess at some sort of Tournament Mode and Training Mode, at the very least. The game also supports some hot QR code action. Holding up QR codes to the Kinect camera unlocks characters and power-ups in the game. The full Press Release can be read here.

As an added bonus the game comes new anime footage never released in the US or Europe. Anyone want to guess what that will be? The Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! special perhaps? Or maybe Episode of Bardock? Which somehow doesn't have a page here. Someone get on that.

What do you guys think? Ready to power-up Super-Saiyan-Style?

Daniel Newton is a moderator for Anime Vice and Screened. Follow him on twitter: @Daniel_Newton and @AnimeVicers

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Welcome to Featured Figures; a blog feature highlighting a handful of figures, my thoughts on them, the dents they'd leave in your wallet and maybe even links to sites you can buy them from. Let me know what you want to see from these blogs and I'll see what I can do.

Son Goku SSJ, 1/8th scale, Clear Hair Ver. (Medicos Entertainment)

Screaming, as usual
Screaming, as usual

This is easily one of the most bad-ass Dragon Ball Z figures I've seen, and boy has there been a lot of DBZ figures over the years. Not only does this Goku figure have really great looking clothes--all the folds and highlights look really great--but look at that hair. Dude has glass hair, well... I imagine it's really semi-transparent plastic, but it certainly looks the part.

This is version 2 of the figure, with the original featuring boring not-awesome hair, so clearly this is the version to get. The equally awesome Super Saiyan aura around Goku's feet is also a great touch.

What do you think? Is glass hair cool or weird?

Goku is listed at ¥9,200 on Amazon Japan (approx $112 or £71) and $117 on Hobbyfan but currently out of stock.

Samus Aran, 1/8th scale, Zero Suit ver. (Max Factory)

Sleek Samus
Sleek Samus

I have a weird relationship with Metroid games. I acknowledge that they're great, in fact I think very highly of them, but I don't think I've ever finished any of them. Particularly whenever I take a crack at Metroid Prime, I just don't get on with it, not really sure why. Maybe I'll finish one eventually, in the meantime I'll just admire gorgeous figure renditions of Samus like this Metroid: Other M figure from Max Factory. If it's too hard to tell Samus is a woman with her power suit on, there's certainly no question when she takes it off.

I love how sleek this figure looks, I don't know if Samus normally looks as tall as she does here, but I guess I haven't played Other M so maybe one of you knows better than me. There's some nice detail on the gun, and the Metroid looks great too.

Samus can be pre-ordered for $103 on Hobbyfan (approx £65) or $130 on J-List (approx £82)

Kobato Hasegawa & Maria Takayama, 1/7th scale (Max Factory)

Super cute
Super cute

Okay, I haven't watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai yet, but these figures are adorable. These are sold as two separate figures, but as you can tell they obviously go together, which is a classic trick to get twice as much of your hard-earned money from you.

I literally can't find fault with either of these figures. They're cute, the hair looks good (while not quite as glassy-looking as Goku's hair, it's similar) and their outfits look especially great. I appreciate it when sculptors put in extra effort to make the clothes look separate from the figure, you know, like actual clothes. Like the "Zero Suit" Samus is wearing, these playboy-style catgirl outfits are super glossy.

These figures can be pre-ordered for $88 each on Hobbyfan (approx £55) or $105 each on J-List (approx £66)

Chifusa Manyuu, 1/4th scale (A+)

Skimpy Samurai
Skimpy Samurai

For those with more risqué tastes we have Chifusa Manyuu from Manyuu Hikenchou. The biggest figure in this selection at 1/4th scale making it more of a statue than a figurine. Chifusa comes with a katana and completely removable attire that already barely covers her expanding bust (in the show, the figure itself doesn't expand... that would be weird).

I'm not really sure why her hair is so blue, I'm pretty sure it was black in the anime, but I like how... soft she looks. That probably sounds weird, but it's easy for figures to look very solid since they're made of plastic, and this doesn't. If you're looking for something a little lighter on clothing and bigger in size, this may be the figure for you. With that sword it would probably make a pretty good letter-opener too I guess.

Chifusa can be pre-ordered for $210 on Hobbyfan (approx £132) with extra shipping fees.

What do you think of these figures? Ready to order one? Or are you like me, preferring to appreciate them from afar instead?

Daniel Newton is a moderator for Anime Vice and Screened. Follow him on twitter: @Daniel_Newton and @AnimeVicers

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Promotional image from the official website
Promotional image from the official website

It was announced at the Anime Contents Expo that Oreimo--short for "Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" (lit. There's No Way My Little Sister is This Cute)--is getting a second anime season. After the first season, which didn't follow the original light novels all that faithfully, a short series of extra episodes were released online called the "True Route" which branches off before the final episode of the first season and follows the light novels more closely. Whether the second season will follow on from the ending of the first or the True Route is unclear, fans generally want anime to match the source material as closely as possible, but would that be too jarring for viewers who only watched the first season? Or will the True Route be aired first to solve that problem? Or will they just continue on from the True Route regardless? We'll have to wait and see.

For those unfamiliar, Oreimo is about normal high school student Kyousuke and his perfect little sister Kirino, who he discovers is secretly a massive Otaku. The first season can be streamed for free on Crunchyroll.

The announcement was on the first of April, but with the official homepage sticking to it, and the fact that this was announced at an Anime Convention by cast members of the show, it appears this is actually happening. Personally I'm pretty excited, what do you guys think?

Daniel Newton is an Anime Vice moderator and runs the @AnimeVicers feed. Find his personal twitter, e-mail and more here.

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The newest in the long line of Dragon Ball Z fighting games, previously known as Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011, has received release dates and a new name, decided by the fans themselves.

Currently under development by Spike, developers of the Tenkaichi and Raging Blast games, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi features destructible environments, an enhanced story mode and graphics based on the original manga series. While the game clearly draws from many aspects of past Spike-developed games, they are making changes to the battle system to make it more accessible to new players while retaining depth for the more hardcore fans. Among the biggest additions to the new story mode are boss battles with giant enemies, such as Great Ape Vegeta pictured above.

The full character roster hasn't yet been released, but considering the myriad of fighters available in previous games, there will likely be a wide variety to throw down with. Dragon Ball GT characters are also confirmed to appear in the game.

The new name was decided by fans after publisher Namco Bandai reached out through message boards and other social channels. The choices were: Tenkaichi Z, Saiyan Rising, Awakening Saiyans, Ultimate Tenkaichi, and Saiyan Warriors, with Ultimate Tenkaichi making the cut.

Here's the North American trailer from Namco Bandai:

The game will launch on October 25th in North America and October 28th in Europe this year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Something I've noticed popping up quite a bit in anime recently is gender bending, an interesting concept to say the least. Is it more popular than it used to be? Or has it always been present to the extent it is right now?

 Your breasts can cause more trouble than you might think
 Your breasts can cause more trouble than you might think
I bring this up mostly because I recently watched through Kampfer, an anime about a guy who wakes up one morning to find he's transformed into a girl... he then finds out his tiger plushie can talk, but that's beside the point. He'd been transformed into a girl because he'd been chosen to be a 'Kampfer', a being born to fight other Kampfers, but the catch is all Kampfers are female, hence the transformation. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the series, goofy and ridiculous as it was.

Not long after that I saw some artwork for the second season of Seikon no Qwaser, and to my surprise (I'd forgotten about the teaser at the end of the first season...) the main character in that show appears to be a woman now too!
I think it's actually quite an interesting concept, watching as the character has to adjust to their lives as the opposite sex, and deal with all the funny and awkward situations that arise from it.

There was also the character 'Charles' in Infinite Stratos who was disguised as a boy, but turned out to be a girl, only to the surprise of the other characters in the series of course, as it was obvious all along to the viewer. I'm know this counts as a 'trap' rather than gender bending, but in many ways it's a similar premise.

I'm sure many of you can think of other recent examples.

So, what are your thoughts on this, has this sort of thing become more popular recently? Do you like the idea in general?
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