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Welcome to the Anime Pin-Up Mag Spotlight; a joint blog by Dan and Taka where we check out the newest artwork from Nyantype and Megami magazines released in Japan. Nyantype is published by Kadokawa Shoten that first started in April 2009. Megami is published by Gakken that first started in July 1999.

If you know your way around Japanese Amazon, you can always support these magazines legally by purchasing them: Megami here and Nyantype here.

Below are our personal picks along with full Megami and Nyantype galleries, enjoy! Which images catch your eye?

Taka's Picks

The Good

Izumiko's poster must be the most innocent and least risque shot out of the bunch. Love how she pose near these bright pink hydrangeas. The only bad part is that she doesn't have her glasses on.

Character: Izumiko Suzuhara Franchise: RDG Red Data Girl Magazine: Nyantype

The Bad

I'm a big fan of The Severing Crime Edge, but the pose that Iwai takes doesn't fit her. I expect it to feature her long, luscious hair since she is known as the Hair Queen. Instead, it's a shot of her butt. If I was Kiri Haimura, I would cut this poster up.

Character: Iwai Mushiyanokouji Franchise: The Severing Crime Edge Magazine: Nyantype

The Saucy!

Watching the zany show Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san, I fell in love with this wacky mermaid named Muromi. I pick this shot because of her funny scene in episode 1 where she told Takkun, please fertilize my eggs! It was such a hilarious scene that got me falling off my chair. Muromi is one bold mermaid.

Character: Muromi Franchise: Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san Magazine: Nyantype

Dan's Picks

The Good

I think most people around here know I have a certain weakness for bikinis; in my opinion one of man's greatest creations (alongside wine gums, barbecue sauce, video games, and the internet) so as someone who is highly enjoying The Devil is a Part-Timer!, this image immediately caught my eye. Emi and Chiho look great; they have facial expressions that match their personalities (a subtle thing to pick up on, but it's there) and plenty of definition so they don't look like flat drawings on a pretty canvas. Add to that a beautiful background and we have a winner!

Characters: Emi Yusa & Chiho Sasaki Franchise: The Devil is a Part-Timer! Magazine: Megami

The Bad

I don't know how much time the artists get to draw these pin-up images, but I can only guess this particular one was rushed. The colours and lighting are great, but Charlotte (who happens to be my favourite Infinite Stratos character) just looks wrong here. She has thin stick-arms, her head looks too big, and, well... her boobs are too small. I know, perhaps a silly thing to complain about, but here's another image to compare. I think the artist was going for some fancy perspective effect, but it looks like it went all wrong to me. Booo!

Character: Charlotte Dunois Franchise: IS <Infinite Stratos> Magazine: Megami

The Saucy!

As if my previous choices weren't risqué enough (hey, we're talking about anime girl pin-up magazines here, after all) my saucy pick features two of the sexy samurai from Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride; the busty man-hater Keiji using Miku-look-a-like Kanetsugu as her personal slave/pet/chair... kinky. This image is very high quality, with sharp lines, accurate character renditions, and huge chest-melons attention to detail. Despite what I pointed out with the last image, I'm not a big boobs-only kind of guy. But when it's done right, it's pretty hard to ignore, and Keiji's breasts are certainly hard to ignore in this image.
On a side-note I hope Keiji makes a triumphant return in the anime, she was a bad-ass!

Characters: Kanetsugu Naoe & Keiji Maeda Franchise: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Magazine: Nyantype



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