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Danelius replied to the topic Kenpachi Vs Raiden on the Battles board.
@ChromeDisaster said:@solesamurai said:Kepnachi's zanpakutou's only form is shikai. And He just learned it's name, he doesn't have a bankai yet. Anyway kenpachi wins, via Lolkendo.This. Absolutely thisPretty much this. Normally, I look up all of the feats and abilities for either character (if I don't already know them) and compare them in an impartial manner, but... come on.Kenpachi was, for some time, easily one of the most overpowered characters in ...
1 year, 9 months ago
Danelius replied to the topic Soifon vs Nel Tu on the Battles board.
Soi Fon's primary abilities are her incredible speed as a Shunpo master (being a disciple of the Goddess of Flash, Yoruichi Shihouin) which she can use to not only evade attacks but create 'clones' of herself to confound her opponent, her skill as the current head of the Onmitsukido (or more generally, Covert Ops) makes her out to be a well-practiced assassin, and her Shunko ability which drastically increases her ...
1 year, 9 months ago
Danelius replied to the topic Albert Wesker VS Naruto Uzumaki on the Battles board.
So it's basically "Sage Mode Naruto versus Albert Wesker's most recent incarnation"? Then I'd have to say that Wesker takes the cake on this one.Wesker, prior to his injections of the Prototype Virus and Uroboros, was already incredibly adept in martial arts and his cold-blooded demeanor basically left him almost impervious to the effects of psychological torment or fear. After his injections, however, he began to exhibit 'symptoms' such as ...
1 year, 9 months ago
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