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The totally awesome top 5 shows that came out in 2011 list.

To accompany this list here are some show that I think are the complete opposite (aka bad);

  1. X-Men
  2. Wolverine
  3. Persona 4
  4. Wolverine
  5. Star Driver
  6. Wolverine
1. Wandering Son

Wandering Son is a show based on gender identity that both treats it as a huge thing but also a normal thing. That normality is what makes Wandering Son special. You are able to believe that what the characters going through is indeed the most important thing in their lives but at the same time it is completely normal. For a show to pull that off so flawlessly is simply amazing.

2. Hanasaku Iroha

Part way through Hanasaku Iroha's run I realised it was just a soap opera. I started to feel conflicted, Soaps are mostly trash full of melodrama for the sake of melodrama. Once I was able to get over myself and be absorbed by the delightfulness of the show I was taken away to this lovely world.

3. Rio - Rainbow Gate!

Before you say anything I know. For the reasons that you hated this show I love it. Rio - Rainbow Gate! isn't a great show but it is a show that I enjoyed because of its terribleness.

4. Sket Dance

I respect Gintama to hell, but my must see it all psyche mean that, barring a marathon of the show unlike any other, I will never be able to just jump into that show. Sket Dance is a great substitute and its lively cast of characters makes it a hilarious show.

5. My Ordinary Life

When I first read what this show was I thought that it was going to be yet another Slice of life show in the vein of Azumanga Daioh. Instead we got a barrage of a show that isn't afraid to throw everything and the chicken sink at us in an attempt to make us laugh. Yes a lot of the jokes fall flat and yes the show peaked when the Headteacher wrestled a Deer, but god damn it when it hits it hits good.

6. Anime Vice Yearly Best Of
takashichea moderator on Jan. 3, 2012 at 10 a.m.

Sweet! You love Sket Dance, too. My wiki editing team (Team W.I.K.I. Nation) did some weekly reports of Sket Dance. I always got behind though with the schedule. If you have free time, come down and chat with us. They say Sket Dance is like the lite beer version of Gintama. :)

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