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These past few weeks have been weird. If there is one good thing about having all this free time is that, I’ve started to slow down in my thinking, meaning I can stop and mentally review the entertainment I consume be that Games, Anime, Film or Music. I hope that means I will be able to write more reviews in general because I find it to be a fun but sadly time-consuming process. But enough with this boring self-reflection, It is time to use this blog for it's intended purpose. Gratuitous self-promotion! 


 So far, I have written two Anime reviews in two weeks hopefully I will be able to keep this one-a-week schedule going. The first review was for Gunslinger Girl episode 1: Fratello. I really liked the Art in the show, people have this realistic nature that you just don’t get in Anime that much. What I really like about the show however is how little everyone speaks when compared to most Anime. It gives a sense that everyone is in deep thought and what people do say has been painstakingly thought out

The second review I wrote was for Kanokon episode 1. This is one of the most out of there shows I have ever seen, this blows Space Trains the anime out of the water in it’s craziness. The one thing I find really weird about the show, well other than;
  • Fox-girl.
  • Hole in roof no one acknowledges.
  • How Kouta can look and be the size of a 7-year-old.
Is how the show feels like it starts halfway through another series. There is no mention so far of how Kouta met Fox-girl, no mention to why he is living there. It is like the show decided to throw you in the deep end.
I really hope that I can stay focused enougth for me to review each episode of both Gunslinger Girl and Kanokon, hey it might end up being fun.
On a non-review note I'm still on my quest tofind a second Manga series to start reading, I've been thinking maybe Yotsuba&! or I could go a safe route and start with Love Hina a series that I love in Anime form. I'm also still watching Heroman on crunchyroll and finding it surprisingly good, I just hope that the show doesn't become a one threat series.

T'other Stuff

 The Bioshock Infinite gameplay trailer/demo came out and as a person who believes this was the highlight of the whole first Bioshock, I can say I'm already optimistic about Infinite. In fact the Infinite demo/trailer made me realise what I like from my drawn ladies. You see Elizabeth’s eyes while also being very large are also very long with thick border-like eyelashes, I compared this to the work of my favourite Comic Artist Josh Howard. He uses the effect of large Irises and Pupils in these wide eyes that aren’t overly large. This combined with a thick outline to the eyes that act as eyelashes causes my sight to be drawn to them.

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