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I unlocked 12 Xbox Live achievements yesterday: http://t.co/S8YEPsDk
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Ever done that thing where you get all worked up for an appointment, only to find out when you get there that you got the wrong date completely.


Recently I've been worried about my neck, you see, it hurts. Bad. I think it is from looking down to a phone/DS for a long time. So I'm fixing that by writing this blog on the mobile site. Smart huh?

But what does this have to do with me being a week early? Well I booked an appointment with the Doctor for today and as you could guess I got the two dates merged into one (really starting to think I should actully use my calendar). So I'm now stuck in a god damned town until my appointment.
And I'm really fucking cold!!!

I've been mulling over the Winter season of show coming up and well, they don't look too good. I said the same thing about the Fall line-up beforehand and I've enjoyed the shows I kept with. So I can be proved wrong, right?

Before my own stupidity got me into this cold mess, I was going use this blog to talk about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and how the Zodiac as a basis for your character/ruined temple/whatever just sucks balls.
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