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On the 3rd of October 2010, I sat there at around noon, checking to see if my old fickle laptop would be able to record for about an hour for Dochaus’ AlphaVictor podcast (contractual plug). I was looking at a list of the upcoming Anime for the autumn when I had an idea, “if I reviewed one new episode a day for the next seven days then I will of broken ten reviews.” In hindsight, this was a foolish idea, but still a fun one. I started off by picking at random shows that just got updated on Crunchyroll, then later on I just watched a whole bunch and decided to review the ones I felt where most interesting either in concept or execution. Thankfully, none of the episodes I picked where terrible minus   Super Robot Wars OG: something or another, but then I find mechs to be boring.

Review pimpin' section

First up was Sora No Otoshimono Forte, I don’t know about this show. The first episode was an effective introduction to the show to a point where I was somewhat curious to see what actually happened in the first series. However, the whole show seems to be one enormous dick joke with buckets of boobs and panty shots for the sake of it. This is a shame because the mystery of Angeloids, Heaven and the Synapse came off as actually cool. It’s just you have to cut through so much crap to get to the good stuff for example, in the second episode there is probably a total of five minutes of overall plot relevant stuff, ten if your generous. ( full review here

This picture is not related at all.
This picture is not related at all.

The second review I wrote was for Yumeiro Patissiere Professional. I have no real clue on how I feel about this show. On the one hand, it’s a really and I mean really stupid premise, a millionaire builds a town and fills it with sweet shops to have a sweets shop world cup. On the other hand, it has an easy watching carefree feeling encasing it that just feels great. There was a point where I wanted to watch the first series to get up to speed and then I notice there are fifty episodes to this show. So ‘eff that. The show easily wins the BEST OPENING THEME award with its song and theme that feels like it would be found in some European capital club called De dans. ( full review here) Third was Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I liked it. ( full review here

The fourth review was for Otome Yokai Zakuro that story wise seems okay nothing too out there; the setting is however is interesting to say the least. I don’t know much about of Japanese history other than samurai, ninja and the whole World War 2 thing. I find the show to be oddly appealing the Meniji era seems to be the death of old Japan and the rise of the imperial Japan that ended up in the war. Oh and the art is beautiful just mind meltingly good. ( full review here

Fifth was The World God Only Knows which has a real detective feeling, I just get this real Sherlock Holmes feeling from the main character and hey the writer/s actually know how to make you like a character within the first episode. ( full review here) The Sixth was Fortune Arterial, which has a cool premise; a boarding school has a couple of vampires living in it. Sadly, nothing really happens in the episode to the point where all you really needed to carry the story was the first five minutes and the last two or three. ( full review here) Finally, there was  My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute or Oreimo as it is also known. This is a cute but also thoughtful look at Otaku and how they are perceived in Japan. Oh and it isn’t nearly as incesty as I expected. It also wins the award of BEST BACKGROUND MUSIC with its ska soundtrack. ( full review here

Musical Interlude

Other Shows

 Whoa there, keep something for the rest of the show.
 Whoa there, keep something for the rest of the show.

Speaking of Incest, Yosuga no Sora is a show that started off with the typical harem set up of bunch of girls who seem to fall in love with our white haired protagonist. His twin sister seems to have a connection issue with him that verges on the creepy side to a point where she shows up in her brother’s room at night and asks to “lay” with him. I’m fully expecting the show to do an it’s him who is actually having the incestuous fantasies but time will tell. Squid Girl was fun, it relies waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much on placing Squid and other Squidy words in place of adjectives, and it expects us to find that funny. However the rest of the show is fine and there where a few funny moments that makes it nice and easy watching. Iron Man exists and well they seem to understand that the right Iron Man to Tony Stark ratio favours a more Tony focused format. In that Tony Stark being an asshole is more fun than a dude in a iron suit fighting other robots.

MM! and Star Driver rubbed me the wrong way. MM! feels like it is purposefully doing everything it can to piss me off, with its complete arsehole of a club leader in Mio Isurugi. Why is she put in charge of being a consultant when she is obviously a psychopath? Maybe you would be able to “cure” Sado Taro’s sadism if you just talked to him. God Damn it just watch the bloody opening to your own show and you’ll understand that the problem is his over loving mother and sister. As for Star Driver I feel like the art is just rapidly changing in quality at times there is a major contrast between characters and backgrounds, but in the other realm the artwork is fantastic. There are also two things that really bug me about the show, Firstly why can’t anyone realise that the bad guys are all the students with weird hair colours? Secondly, why is it that everyone’s neck is longer that his or her heads?

Well I’ve rambled on for way too long... so... erm... bye

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