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Originally Posted on GiantBomb but i thought that it would apply over here.
Just recently I got Final Fantasy XIII, and playing it has made me think about the past games in the series and how they relate to my view on gaming today.
being born in the early 90's my first view of the Final Fantasy games was like most other people FFVII, which I hated i can never really explain why but i guess it has something to do with my friend loving it and building it up to the pinnacle of gaming history only for it be fine. In retrospect i think my views on FFVII are filtered through a pair of the black tinted glasses of hatred. 
After taking a break from the series I finally gave it another try with FFX, which to date is my favorite Japanese RPG of all time. Now i know there are some things in the game that are really retarded, Tidus, Wakka, Tidus, Blitzball and Tidus come to mind, and the voice acting is god awful at times, and the whole game suffers from the need to over-explain everything, and Rikku is only 15 yet is the most sexualised thing in the game (if you ignore Lulu's boobs). But on a whole i really like the flow of the game, the fact that it is not until around the last 30 percent of the game until it opens up location wise, and it is a great idea, you know almost everywhere in the game before it throws you to the wolves.
Then comes FFXII, in theory i should love FFXII the game got rid of the crappy love stories, the main character is blatantly not the main character, and there is Balthier (AKA the leading man), however when it came to gameplay i hated FFXII so much, from the battle system to the constant need to do side quests. needless to say i didn't finish FFXII in fact i got to a point where I'm walking across stupid spires in a desert when i said enough.
Since the release of FFXII i have gone and played the FFII remake and FFIX both of which were fine, FFIX is quite a good game and really should not get the grief that it gets, but then i could see why people whoud dislike it after playing VII and VIII.  
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