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Freezing: First Chronicle Review (A Death's Door Review)

THIS NOTE WAS ORIGINAL POSTED HERE.If you have listened to our anime podcast then you know that I love Freezing. It’s got crazy sci-fi anime battles, interesting characters, a cool story, boobs and it is a prime example for my argument that all anime kids are fucking mental. One of ...

Reviewed by D34dM4n on Jan. 9, 2012
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Zombies Ate My Anime and It Was Awesome (A Death's Door Review)

    THE GOOD: - plot is chock-full of standard zombie cliches (this is a good for me, anyway) - interesting characters - good animation on zombies - contrast between zombies and living - Cooper-style character  - follows the manga storyline very closely  THE BAD: - unrealistic and somewhat unnerving ...

Reviewed by D34dM4n on July 22, 2010
18 out of 18 found this review helpful.
oh dear god, what have they done to the dog people?!?

Dragonball Evolution is the live action adaptation of the classic manga Dragonball. It follows the story of Son Goku as he tries to track down 7 magical orbs to summon a mystic dragon to seal away an alien warlord who wants to destroy the world. The original Dragonball was set ...

Reviewed by D34dM4n on Aug. 6, 2009
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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