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Considering a 5th for my Top 5...
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... but I've hardly been wasting it. I think.
I picked up Eureka Seven. That's an odd anime... Takes some getting used to. It has some classic elements: Big mecha, flying, and deals with the issues of growing up, mainly focusing on teenage love. It has some really interesting psychological depth too, but I'll need to watch more episodes to get a good feel for it.
Speaking of the psychological, I also started on Shakugan no Shana. I gotta admire Yuji's refusal to succumb to despair, but as long as you have something to live for, why not fight for it? That's an oddly positive outlook for a setting that is presented as dystopian and bleak already in the first few episodes.
Both anime seem like something worth watching, so I'll keep doing just that. For now, anyway.
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