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So, I finally started going on AnimeVice. I've been using Giantbomb for years but havent really been watching enough anime for me to really consider setting up my AnimeVice account. 
Ive never been particularly big on anime although I was a huge Digimon fan when I was a kid (Digimon > Pokemon) and more recently picked up and read the Manga series for Death Note and some of the manga for Tsubasa : Reservoir Chronicles. 


So I started watching Anime again in January. I watched the entire series of .Hack: The Legend of Twilight and a couple episodes of Disgaea and Witchblade . 


 So in February I met back up with my big Anime Fanatic friend(Some might even call him an Otaku) who recommended I watch Bakuman. So I started watching that. Its quite unique a concept and im interested to see where it goes.  
I also watched Summer Wars and was very impressed, I really liked it.  
Lastly I started watching Dragon Crisis which although I have only seen the first episode. LOVE IT. I MUST SEE MORE. 
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