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Before I begin this introduction I would like to say hello. My screen name is as you can see CuttableFurball but if you really want to know real name it's Carter. I am as one would say new to anime. I've always knew of anime and I did watch DB:Z as a kid (but don't expect me to remember any of it) and for some reason I watched the hell out of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters GX.

It wasn't until January of 2012 that I stumbled upon FMA: Brotherhood on Netflix and thought "What the hell why not. I mean it's giving me 4.7 stars out of 5 so I might like it." As the week went on I slowly but surly became more engrossed with the show. By the time I finished it I was running on a high. I wanted to watch everything action I could get my hands on. I watched Claymore right after it and then fell into a spiral of action heavy anime. Following that I watched High School of the Dead, Darker Than Black, and Sekirei. I liked them all. Then I found this weird one that Netflix was for some reason recommending me. It was giving me 4.9 stars out of 5 so out of curiosity I watched it. I didn't know that it would almost change my entire view on anime.

It was Spice and Wolf. I thought it was weird because like I said all I did was watch action heavy shows and out of the blue Netflix just hands me this like it was saying "No trust me. You'll thank me later." I was blown away on how much I liked it. I think I watched the whole first season that night not caring about the consequences of little sleep. That anime broke me for a little bit because there is nothing else like it. No other anime that I have seen, other that a very small handful, develops characters in such a realistic way while having smart writing. I tried to find an anime that was remotely similar but to no avail. I just couldn't and that's broke me. I just wanted to see more anime like it but the ones I had found or the ones other people had recommended to me just couldn't scratch that itch.

I ended up not watching as much action heavy anime and fell into a weird pit of romance anime. After Spice and Wolf I watched Clannad and Clannad: After Story. I love that series but I was in this weird state of being so sad that I was happy. To get out of it I watched Angel Beats! only to find out it was made by the same guy and felt the same emotions again. To try and make myself happy again I watched Toradora! and loved it very much.

Well I think that's enough rambling for today. I would like to thank you for sticking with me through my introduction. It was a long and difficult journey, and not everyone made it. Well it wasn't much of an "introduction" but a brief history of my first couple of months of my journey into depths of otakuism. I hope to write a lot and I hope to see you out their in the wild.

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