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went from episode 48-124 of fairy tail in a week and a half! Jury is still out on weather that show be something at be proud off..
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Nathan and Peter Petrelli are back and in Anime form! It's a clip from the Iron Man dub, you need to see it to believe it.

I think I trough up a bit.

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My un boxing of K-On! and King of Eden un boxing. Nothing to really see in this video unless you like me rambling about K-On! hopefully the next amazon shipment will be more interesting. Any constructive criticism is welcome! :D

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  Hey look It's a trailer of the US release of K-On!  The most surprising thing about it is that the Dub is the best dub I've ever heard!!!!! 
Just Kidding!!!! Yup, it sounds like garbage but it is coming out at some point in 2011 so at least I can look to blue ray subtitles.  
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That's right not only is your favorite teens vs. zombie anime airing tomorrow July 5 but it has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks!  Thats right so not only will you get a simulcast on anime network (the first episode will be free for regestered users but it is unclear about the rest of the series) but you can look forward to a sub/dub release in the future.
Check out this ANN artical for more.
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     Something I noticed in the last episode of K-On!! I found funny.  When she was complemented on how black and straight her hair was, Azusa said: 
If only she knew truth. 
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