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went from episode 48-124 of fairy tail in a week and a half! Jury is still out on weather that show be something at be proud off..
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On this episode of The BWC Crazycanuck, Firehawk12, and Kurt talk about the anime they have been watching, the japan streaming service Daisuki, harem round two, licensing woes, Revengeance, PS4, and Firehawk12 learns something SO amazing it almost stops the show!




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That's right, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is out and it is epic. The last couple of episodes were always favorites of mine and the dub makes them even better. Mike McFarland (the ADR director) knocks it out of the park and gets great results out of the american cast. To top it off there are outtakes on the second disk and there actually good, if your into that sort of thing.

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Holly Sky Bison Batman, they weren't kidding about this Avatar sequel thing. I find the look of the city the show will be set in a little hard to believe but I guess civilization can actually advance a lot in 70 years when it's not being oppressed, I'm hoping that it will have the same quality writing as the original but it might not matter sense it has a Polar Bear Hound in it and the best part is, knowing the world of Avatar that's probably what it's called!

Oh and FYI the music is still awesome!

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Any feedback is still welcome.


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Not much to say the video speaks for it's self and I'm still looking for feed back.

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