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Watched The Sacred Blacksmith last week; might do some wiki work on it, since I have so much free time right now x_x.
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I can hardly believe that it's nearly June.  Between schools and hunting for short-term employment, I've had a bit more free time lately, and have spent a bit of it keeping up with some of this season's new anime.  Blue Exorcist is probably my favorite so far out of the current flock, with Hanasaku Iroha as a close second, but I can still enjoy the second season of an old favorite from a while back, The World God Only Knows.
Last time I checked in, Keima Katsuragi was helping the overachieving demon school graduate Haqua to capture her first loose soul.  Predictably, Haqua's jealousy over old classmate Elsea's unusually quick progress makes her vulnerable to the loose soul, leading to a dramatic setback that lasts for maybe five or ten minutes before Elsea swoops in to save the day with a short pep talk and some suitably heartwarming music.  While I saw this coming a mile--or rather, an episode--away, it was at least nice to see Elsea get in on the action for once.

The next three episodes make up one of the better conquest arcs yet.  Keima clashes with the average, "real world" girl Chihiro Kosaka over her lack of any distinctive character traits, while Chihiro points out that Keima is, well, a loser who does nothing but play dating sims on his "PFP."  Of course, she turns out to be harboring a loose soul, but with a twist--she is already pursuing another boy.  Glad that he won't be the one sweeping anyone off their feet for once, Keima decides to use his experience, both in dating sims and the "real world," to aid Chihiro in her own conquest.
Of course, things don't go precisely according to plan, and by the end of the arc, Keima is forced to drive out the loose soul himself.  While the three-episode arc ended up following the usual formula, I still enjoyed watching Keima's attempts at playing matchmaker.   The arc plays out like a demented Japanese take on My Fair Lady until near the end, when I was almost sorry to see the parallels collapse.  It's a pity; I had almost hoped to hear Keima belt out his own take on "I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face."
While I don't expect much out of this show, given its formulaic nature so far, it definitely continues to entertain, and I still recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy with an interesting premise.  You can find the first and second seasons here on Crunchyroll.
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