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Watched The Sacred Blacksmith last week; might do some wiki work on it, since I have so much free time right now x_x.
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No classes, no exams, massive thunderstorm...well, at least I have an excuse for sitting around and being totally unproductive!  Eh?  Eh?

Anyway, I sped through the first few episodes of the new season of The World God Only Knows.  Much like the first season, this is far outside my usual range of tastes, but the show's ability to subvert tropes even as it adheres to them appeals to me on some level, and I enjoyed the first season enough that I've actually looked forward to watching this. 

In any case, the first two episodes of this season are more of the same.  Elsie detects yet another loose soul, this time lodged in the heart of a martial artist named Kusunoki Kasuga, who openly despises weakness even as she harbors a secret love of cuteness and vulnerability.  Keima springs into action and manages to wrap Kasuga's problems up by the end of the second episode.  While the end result was rather predictable, I still enjoyed the arc.  Sometimes, more of the same can be a good thing.

The third episode is where things get at least somewhat interesting; a new demon, Haqua, is introduced as a role model / friend / rival to Elsie, and manages to kick-start a new arc even as she gives some background exposition.  It was nice to finally find out what exactly the hell is going on on the other side of things (namely, Hell), and Elsie's cute demeanor no longer seems quite so incongruous with her status as a, well, demon.  The introduction of what looked like an actual demon demon at the end of the episode gives me the feeling that the show might get a bit more interesting next week.

I still can't help but notice that this show so far resembles the early episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho on crack.  It's a bit like if Botan had recruited a dating sim-addicted nerd rather than a fighting-addicted delinquent as a spirit detective.  My only worry is that, like Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach before it, this show will shift its focus from the problems of people in the "real" world to the problems and politics of Hell.  I honestly preferred the early chapters/episodes of both series to their later, more fighting-focused plot arcs.

Of course, this is just me being a worrywart.  The idea of someone like Keima whipping out a zanpatuko--zanpakuto--zankaputo--oh screw it, do-over:  The idea of someone like Keima whipping out a bankai or charging up a spirit gun is absurd, and I know a show like this will never go in that direction. 

Silly worries aside, the second season of The World God Only Knows is great so far, and I'll be sure to check for the next episode in a week or so.  In the meantime, I hope newcomers to the series will give the show a try over on Crunchyroll.
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