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This list is, basically, meant to be something of an extension of my Netflix queue. When my Netflix queue gets full, I'll add series and movies to this list as a reminder for later. Similarly, if a series is no longer available on Netflix, I'll add the series here as a reminder to pick it up later from RightStuf or Amazon.

1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Disks are missing from Netflix.

2. Megazone 23

Missing disk 2 at Netflix

3. Hayate the Combat Butler

Netflix is missing the first disk.

4. Slayers The Motion Picture

Netflix is missing this OVA

5. Starship Operators

Netflix is missing disk 3

6. Kishin Corps

Missing from Netflix.

7. Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

Netflix is missing disk one of four

8. 3x3 Eyes

Netflix is missing disks.

9. Bastard!

Not in Netflix's library

10. Initial D: First Stage

Netflix is missing massive swaths of the series.

11. Ponyo
12. Those Who Hunt Elves

Netflix is missing season 1, and the second half of season 2.

13. X

Netflix is missing the first volume of the series.

14. Tytania
15. Millennium Actress
16. Paranoia Agent (TV)
17. Tokyo Godfathers
18. Sengoku Basara

Netflix doesn't have Funimation's DVD release.

19. Birdy the Mighty Decode
20. Moldiver
21. Clannad
22. Key the Metal Idol
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