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The country of Hontworl has withdrawn from the UN, and in turn, the UN has blacklisted them. So... either Hontworl is nuts, or they have a superweapon they will use to destroy the world. Or both. Probably both. So, we've got this country - which geographically, appears to be somewhere in the 'Stans, is forming it's own little Warsaw Pact. And here's the Dragon King. And there goes the Triad Alliance's capital city. Okay, so how is Gachaman going to beat that?

"Don't panic, we've got Top Men working on this." So, Shadowlaw is working within the republic of Hontworl. You'd think they'd notice the common similarities between the destruction of the labs and the appearance of the fortress before now.

Well, that was brazen. I have to say, that villains for shows like Gatchaman are considerably less subtle than your standard bond villain, yet they have the same amount of visibility of your standard Bond Villains. Wow, I wonder which came first Galactor or Cobra?

There's Ken The Eagle. And here's Joe the Condor, crack marksman. And here's a little something for the ladies. So, he drives a Shelby Cobra Mustang GT. I was expecting a motorcycle, considering the personality. And a little something for the fellas  - Jun the Swan has Gainax bounce, and she's a motorcycle chicks. Jimmy the Falcon's an extreme sports chick. Rocky The Falcon hasn't changed much though. Nice ride for the team. Condor's ride looks like (but not quite) the Batmobile. Very nice ride for the team. I wonder if the artist for Berserk was paying homage to Gatchaman when designing the look for Griffith as Femto.

Wow, that's pretty quick for the Leonardo-Raphael fighting. So, Joe shares a common motivation with Batman... "My Parents Are Dead!" Only, with, y'know, more killing.

And now the fortress has no-sold some nukes. Surprisingly this came out /before/ Eva. I thought Eva had started the "have the enemy no-sell The Bomb early on" trope. And we get another Raph-Leo Fight in about 3-4 minutes. Wow.

And now the mentor figure has been betrayed and held captive. Yutoland City? (looks at their map) Whatever happened to China?

Me: So... let me get this straight. Humanity's moral development has not kept pace with it's technolgical development.
Beolute: Uh-huh.
Me: And you're saying that humanity stands at the edge of global annihilation.
Beolute: Uh-huh.
Me: And rather than try to restore a balance and bring order to things... you're just going to collect a bunch of great thinkers on your super-fortress, give the human race a "poke" on the whole balance thing, and then pick up whatever pieces are glowing after the apocalypse?
Beolute: You got it!.
Me: How often do you watch Moonraker?
Beolute: Once a week.
Me: Yeah... I'm gonna have to take that.
Beolute: Nooooooo!

So, Beolute is actually Evil Overlord Solaris in disguise. That makes sense.


Awesome I'm Batman Speech. I have to say, that Gatchaman could probably beat the BatFamily (except for, maybe, Batman).  It might be a close run thing, but they'd be able to win.

If they keep the Gatchaman movie on par with this OVA in terms of story and tone, I'd totally look forward to this. That's some impressive CGI for the time.
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