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The Manga Video Holy Trinity of Suck
Three absolutely terrible anime OVAs released in the United States by Manga Video dubbed by Daryl Surat of the Anime World Order Podcast Manga Video's "Holy Trinity Of Suck"

Racism, misogyny, and a complete misunderstanding of American loose-cannon cop films that is made worse by Kazuo Koike's usual gonzo writing.

2. Angel Cop

Take your incomprehensible cyberpunk attempt to cash in on Ghost in the Shell, and add in pandering to business execs who got rich in the bubble... with a plot involving a vast Jewish conspiracy to destroy Japan. Why? Just 'cause.

3. Violence Jack

Go Nagai's sequel to Devil Man gets an Anime OVA, and not only does it suck (and drip with misogyny), but Manga Video can't even manage to get the episodes in the right order.

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