Count_Zero (Level 20)

I unlocked 2 Xbox Live achievements yesterday:
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So, I did a stupid little "Generate your Zanpakutou" thing online, and this is the result I got. 
Count_Zero's Zanpakutō:

Count_Zero carries Thunder Sacrament sealed into the form of an umbrella. At the command "Surge, Thunder Sacrament!" it transforms into a red, jagged throwing axe which moves faster than the eye can see. It produces an analgesic mist around the wielder.

What's Your Zanpakutō?
 Ehh, it's kind of dumb. Having an axe hidden in an umbrella is odd, and as an Oregonian, carrying an umbrella is technically a sign of weakness, but I like axes, so I'll cut it some slack. The analgesic mist power is odd (for those unfamiliar with the term, analgesic basically means "pain-killing", but I guess it kind of works, as it means that it would allow the welder to continue to fight through painful injuries. 
Doesn't say anything about my Bankai though.
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