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The following is a rant. This isn't meant to be a trouble ticket report.  I have posted to the thread I started earlier in the Bug Report forum on this issue with the new information to try and clear this up. However, I just need to get this out of my system.

Is this or is it not the "Add New Manga Series" form?
Is this or is it not the "Add New Manga Series" form?

So, in the past two weeks I've tried three times to add the manga series Outlanders (part of the Outlanders Franchise) to the site. For the past two weeks, every time I've tried to submit the series, I've had my submission rejected. Each, of the three times, I used a form like the one you see at the start of this post. The first time, I used some material I'd written at Bureau42, material I owned - and was accused of plagiarism, and warned that if I did it again, I'd be banned from the site. So, after refraining from submitting any material to the site until I'd confirmed multiple times that if I wrote the material myself and could prove it (and then making sure that my profile information showed that I was the author of the material at Bureau42), I submitted the material again. I got a message saying that I needed to add a New Manga Series first - even though that the form I'd used was the "Add New Manga Series" form. So, I thought that maybe the form was bugged, and started a thread about the Bug in the "Bug reports forum" with information on what web browser I was using, what operating system I was using, and then waited two weeks. I figured by then, if this was a simple issue, it would be fixed. Over that time, I'd learned that other people didn't have any problems submitting  manga to the site. So, I figured that it must have been a short term thing, and it was fixed.
Thus, yesterday, after posting about how much I enjoyed the art from Outlanders in the "Favorite Manga Art" thread, I decided to add Outlanders again. I first added the Outlanders franchise without any problems. I then added the Outlanders film to the franchise without any problem. Finally, I went for the final step - to add the Manga series "Outlanders" to the site. I even re-wrote my original summary of the series, just to make sure that I wouldn't have to contend with allegations of plagiarism again. I also took  a screen shot of the form I got, just in case my submission was rejected again. After waiting about two hour for my submission to go through, I got my response - my submission was rejected, because I didn't use the right form.
After my vision cleared, and I saw the pool of my own blood staining the surface of my desk, from where I'd repeatedly slammed my head in frustration[1], I started to realize that all this frustration isn't worth it. I love Anime Vice. It has the potential to be superior in every way to Anime News Network's encyclopedia, if enough people add enough information to it. I love Outlanders, and a lot of other older manga series from the late 80s and early 90s that are under appreciated, and younger fans would like, if they gave them a chance, and were able to find a copy. However, it's just not worth the frustration of having to keep contending with this damnable broken form that no one is willing or able to do anything about. Hell, no moderators or staff members have responded to the bug thread I started on this issue. I want the site to succeed, but it feels like the site is becoming an obstacle to my efforts to make it better.
But, then again, the only major problem I've run into is that damn form.
[1] This is poetic license - I wasn't so frustrated by this that I wanted to slam my head against my desk to the point that I started bleeding, but it did frustrate me.
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