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BFI's 100 Anime
These are the 100 Films and series chosen for consideration by Phillip Brophy in the BFI Screen Guide 100 Anime. They are listed in the book in alphabetical order.
The OVA Baoh the Visitor is absent from the list, as it is currently not in the Anime Vice database.
1. Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse

Listed as "Adolescence of Utena"

2. A. D. Police Files
3. Ai City
4. Akira
5. Catgirl Nukunuku
6. Angel Cop
7. Armitage III
8. Astro Boy

Covered the first two TV series

9. Barefoot Gen
10. Battle Angel Alita

Covered the 2 episode OVA.

11. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
12. Black Jack

Used the film.

13. Black Magic M-66
14. Blood: The Last Vampire
15. Blue Seed
16. Bubblegum Crisis
17. Burn Up!
18. Combustible Campus Guardress
19. Cream Lemon
20. Crying Freeman
21. Dangaioh
22. Demon City Shinjuku
23. Devil Hunter Yohko
24. Devilman
25. DNA²
26. Dominion: Tank Police
27. Doomed Megalopolis
28. F3: Frantic, Frustrated and Female
29. The Fantastic Adventures of Unico
30. Fist of the North Star: The Movie
31. Five Star Stories
32. FLCL
33. Galaxy Express 999
34. Gall Force: Eternal Story
35. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
36. Gantz
37. Genocyber
38. Ghost in the Shell
39. Giant Robo
40. Golgo 13: The Professional
41. Grave of the Fireflies
42. Green Legend Ran
43. Gunsmith Cats
44. The Guyver - Bio-Booster Armor
45. Zeorymer Hades Project
46. Fight! Iczer-One
47. Interstella 5555
48. Kekko Kamen
49. Kiki's Delivery Service
50. Kimba the White Lion
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