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Just Anime » CAPTAIN_FUTURE_2012

In 1978, Toei produced an anime adaptation of Edmond Hamilton's pulp sci-fi from the 1940s, Captain Future. In turn, the anime was edited and brought to an international market by Harmony Gold, of Robotech, and while the show did not make a sizable impression on America, it was a huge hit overseas. New Caledonian fan David Guivant has begun putting together a tribute to Captain Future (or as he's known in Europe, Capitaine Flam), as well as the work of Kazuaki Kiriya (the live-action Casshern and Goemon films).

Director David Guivant, an admirer of classic Animes and Mangas, is now working on a new project called Captain Future, inspired by the SCI-FI Classic created by Edmond Hamilton and the Japanese Anime from the '70s.

The main character is Curtis Newton, a brilliant scientist and adventurer who roams the solar system solving problems, righting wrongs, and vanquishing futuristic supervillains.

The hero himself had many incarnations and different features, depending on various artist's impressions, this project takes places 5 years after the events described in the Novels and the Anime. The project is all produced in 2D, following director Kazuaki Kirya's footsteps (Casshern, Goemon) where cartoon and live action collide. (No 3D has been involved).

While Captain Future is still in post-production for a December 2012 release, it has already been selected to be screened at several events:

Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival (Washington), Chicon 2012 (Chicago), Radcon Convention (Pasco), Northwescon 2012 ( Seattle), C.A.S.T 2012 (Singapore), Gameplay 2012 at Espace d'Animation Quiévrain (Belgium), Lyon Geek Show 2012 (France), Malta Comicon 2012 (Malta), MAGS 2013 (Monaco), Cartoonist 2013 (Nice).

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Just Anime » RANMA 1/2 From anime to Live action !!


I just found out there was a live action version of Ranma 1/2:


Enjoy !!

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Just Anime » Sci-Fi UK

@EvilNiGHTS said:

@Mike86UK: Thanks, added a few of yours to my list now that I recognise from there. Roujin Z - Remember thisMagic Knight Rayearth - Remember thisSpriggan - Have an idea on what this might have been, but not 100% sure Dragon Half - Can't say I remember thisGunbuster - Aim for the Top! - Remember this Bounty Dog - Don't think I saw this CNX was a weird one, wasn't it? I don't remember a huge amount of anime on there other than Cowboy Bebop (I'm discounting stuff like DBZ) but I mainly remember that channel for Adult Swim programming and subtitled Hong Kong movies. Channel 4 once did an event back in 2000-2001 I believe where they ran some OVAs for a night or two. With the participation of Jonathan Ross of all people (I think?). My memory on that is pretty hazy though.

Gunbuster was a good one !

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General Discussion » Most intelligent anime/manga character?

Sherlock Holmes by Miyazaki seems the smartest :D

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Artist Show-Off » I'm New and a manga/comic creator

Looks cool, love the characters already !

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