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I'm sure everyones seen this but i luv it so much i thought i'd put it in my blog ,....come on u gatta admit it, this was well done n the characters couyldnt b better chosen 
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So I'm in need of a good anime to watch... I've seen hellsing ,bleach, little bit of naruto and ergo proxy, but now I'm rather stumped. I don't know much about other anime out there (i need to broaden my horizon a bit) so my question to the people of anime vice is what is an anime thats rather violent and with a decent story ??? 
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As you may know the order is Ganondorf (power), Zelda (Wisdom) and Link (Courage). but do that really mean?  When Ganondorf got his he had received the abilites to transform into a Monster of sorts; it depends on what game. In addition the floating and lighting ball throwing powers (Ocarina Of Time; Final fight) . For zelda she gets the Light Arrow (thats it). Aaaand Finally Link,....who doesn't benefits  from the tri-force of courage at all, am i wrong? 
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Lately removing his eyepatch for just about anything, i mean i knowwwww hes strong as could be, but there is no need to show off.
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You know what,...some one should create a  site like this one or comicvine (what ever)  but about video game, or the characters in general. id find that so ,....umm, entertaining i suppose. i mean sure anime and comic characters was and still is fun and all but theres just as broad universe as these two site for games. now if there is and all my ranting was for nothing , then its all good, but i'd like to know whats the name of the site.
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