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Ok dudes - quick update to the @reply and @quote functionality in the boards and the comment system.

We just deployed the following functionality:
  • @replies: These work the same way they currently do. You click the 'Reply' link in the boards/comments to reply to a user. This action also sends a PM to that user letting them know that you replied to them.
  • @quotes: The quote system now works the same way as @replies. When you click the 'Quote' link the boards/comments, you will quote that user in your post and this will also send out a PM to that user letting them know that you replied to them. 
  • Quotes are now truncated when they're displayed. We wanted to clean up all of the crazy nesting that happens in the boards when you quote somebody. If you want to see the entire html of the quoted post, there is a 'more' link that you can click which will pull up that text.
  • These features are now available to every single user on the site. The 200+ post limit has been lifted.
  • Quotes and Replies are now available in comments.

Hope you guys dig the new features and of course, feel free to contact me w/ any bugs or feedback you may have. Thanks.
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