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Small new feature for you guys and gals. We just launched @replies in the boards and on comments. An @reply is a way for you to directly reply to a somebody else's comment as well as notify them about your reply. We've been noticing users doing this for some time now on the boards - this is just a more formal way to reply to somebody (with the added bonus of kicking off a PM to them to let them know).


To send an @reply to another user on the boards or from within the comment system, click the 'Reply' link next to that user's comment.

This will scroll you down to the reply box, and will append an @username (the author of the post) to the textarea. Go ahead and write your comment and click 'Submit'.

This will post your comment just like it normal, it will also send a PM to the author of the post letting them know that you are responding to them. Note, that you can only reply to one user in your post. Also, typing @username yourself may indicate in the thread that you are replying to a user, but it will not send a PM to that user.


We are currently testing this new feature with the following users:

 - Staff
 - Our Moderators
 - Users who have 200+ posts


This is just the beginning, we're going to be working on the following functionality:

 - @username: will link to the original post.

 - PM Threading: So 2 @replies from the same person will create a single PM

 - @respond back to the user via PM, and have it post in the board

 - Working on a way to allow users to simply type @username in the post and have the system figure it out as if the user had hit the 'reply' button


As you know, your feedback is always welcome - so if there are any tweaks or extended functionality you would like to see - please let us know. Thanks - happy posting.
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