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We are about to launch a new User Moderation System (dubbed the Karma System). We are getting rid of the old [ + -  ] system because it was too anonymous and not very effective in reporting questionable/objectionable content to the moderators. 

This new system is simply a more efficient way of flagging objectionable content so that the moderators can deal with it. 

How The System Works:

  • Every user starts with 0 karma points.
  • If you flag an item, you lose a karma point and the author of the content you flagged loses a karma point.
  • Once you get below -5 karma points, you can no longer flag any content. 
  • Once you get below -10 karma points, you can no longer post to the site.
  • Everybody gains 1 point back at the end of every day.


  • Once an item is flagged, it goes to a moderation queue.
  • Forum moderators will monitor this queue to determine if flagged content is OK or if it needs to be removed from the site.
  • If a moderator deems content as OK, he will mark it thusly and the author of that content will receive his/her karma points back. (The reporting user will still have lost their point for flagging the content.)
  • If a moderator deems content as inappropriate, he/she will remove it and the karma points stay (for both users).
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