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Hey guys,

Quick heads up as to what the engineers have been working on the past week or so.

Dave: Completely re-styled ComicVine and it looks absolutely amazing. He's going to take some time now and give AnimeVice the new GB treatment as well. On the side, he'll be helping me fix lists -- any ideas on what you guys want to see out of the list feature, pls send them our way!

Andy: New back-end queuing and messaging system..... this will allows us to do a lot the heavy lifting in outside processes - hopefully speeding up performance across the sites.  He's also been improving the API for our new iPhone app while simultaneously de-bugging my bullshit.

Ethan: Upgraded our javascript framework to work w/ the newest version of mootools.... ninja'd up the rest of the image editing tools (how fucking sick is that shit -- ethan is the damn man when it comes to js -- I'm constantly impressed with what he's doing on that side of things.

Sean: Upgraded all of our code to work w/ the newest Django release. Something we've been putting off for awhile, but its nice to be close to trunk. Aside from that, I've been working with Dave on ComicVine and I'm currently re-working our private message system.... there's a few bugs that are completely crapping out ComicVine (there's just more data over there) -- so we've actually had to take pms down until we get this fix out..... which is actually what I should be doing right now. BACK TO WORK!

Good days :)
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