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So we have decided to take the Whiskey Developer Podcast (The Speakeasy) in a new direction. In the upcoming podcasts (and related blog posts) we'll be talking more about code and the tools and tricks we're using to help us build our sites. Along with each podcast, we'll be publishing code snippets and examples to help listeners follow along and hopefully use/discuss the code we're releasing. The goal being, to give the community a deeper understanding of the technology we use to build our sites and to help budding developers grow 

In this podcast, we discuss how we go about setting up the data structures for our sites - as well as how we use Python and Django to abstract a number of repetitive tasks in the process. We also talk about the current projects each of us are currently working on, as well as what you can expect from the team in the near future.

The associated code samples (and all future code samples) are hosted at GitHub.

The Podcast:

The Source Code:

As a side note - Dave's audio gets a little wonked up about halfway through the podcast (I'm still trying to nail it all down) -- so bear w/ us :)

Enjoy... and as always, we welcome all feedback and questions.
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Hey guys,

We just finished up (well last friday), our first Whiskey Media Developer Podcast: The Speakeasy. 

It's really just a chance for developers on the sites to discuss what we've been working on, certain challenges we're facing, what's coming up from a feature standpoint on our sites, etc. We also wanted to briefly talk about the most important topics happening on each of the three Whiskey sites (AnimeVice, ComicVine and GiantBomb).

So, if you're interested in how the sites are built, what new features we're going to be launching or are just curious to hear the devs shoot the shit for a bit, then check out the podcast and give us your feedback.

Note: This is our first one, so we're probably going to be tweaking the format of the podcast a bit each week until we find something that we're all stoked on -- so, if you have any suggestions, please drop them in the comments. 

Also, if you're a developer and you have any questions about anything really - go ahead and PM them to me and we'll try to work them into next week's podcast. Thanks guys - hope you dig it :)
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We are about to launch a new User Moderation System (dubbed the Karma System). We are getting rid of the old [ + -  ] system because it was too anonymous and not very effective in reporting questionable/objectionable content to the moderators. 

This new system is simply a more efficient way of flagging objectionable content so that the moderators can deal with it. 

How The System Works:

  • Every user starts with 0 karma points.
  • If you flag an item, you lose a karma point and the author of the content you flagged loses a karma point.
  • Once you get below -5 karma points, you can no longer flag any content. 
  • Once you get below -10 karma points, you can no longer post to the site.
  • Everybody gains 1 point back at the end of every day.


  • Once an item is flagged, it goes to a moderation queue.
  • Forum moderators will monitor this queue to determine if flagged content is OK or if it needs to be removed from the site.
  • If a moderator deems content as OK, he will mark it thusly and the author of that content will receive his/her karma points back. (The reporting user will still have lost their point for flagging the content.)
  • If a moderator deems content as inappropriate, he/she will remove it and the karma points stay (for both users).
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Hey guys,

Quick heads up as to what the engineers have been working on the past week or so.

Dave: Completely re-styled ComicVine and it looks absolutely amazing. He's going to take some time now and give AnimeVice the new GB treatment as well. On the side, he'll be helping me fix lists -- any ideas on what you guys want to see out of the list feature, pls send them our way!

Andy: New back-end queuing and messaging system..... this will allows us to do a lot the heavy lifting in outside processes - hopefully speeding up performance across the sites.  He's also been improving the API for our new iPhone app while simultaneously de-bugging my bullshit.

Ethan: Upgraded our javascript framework to work w/ the newest version of mootools.... ninja'd up the rest of the image editing tools (how fucking sick is that shit -- ethan is the damn man when it comes to js -- I'm constantly impressed with what he's doing on that side of things.

Sean: Upgraded all of our code to work w/ the newest Django release. Something we've been putting off for awhile, but its nice to be close to trunk. Aside from that, I've been working with Dave on ComicVine and I'm currently re-working our private message system.... there's a few bugs that are completely crapping out ComicVine (there's just more data over there) -- so we've actually had to take pms down until we get this fix out..... which is actually what I should be doing right now. BACK TO WORK!

Good days :)
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I'm kind of a big deal around here.
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