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Yoko Littner » yoko my new favorite character

Saying any anime character having PTSD would be unusual, to say the least, and for a rollicking, science-defying anime such as Gurren Lagann? I'm sorry, but I do not share your perspective, Flyvapnet. Yoko is simply a girl who's torn up on the inside over Kamina's death - a case of depression and nothing more. Granted, the line between PTSD and depression is slightly blurred, I see none of the symptoms of PTSD present within Yoko. Before I start, don't get me wrong. I respect you and the sacrifices you've made for your country. Indeed, my own older brother was diagnosed with PTSD which led me to pursue a medical career in psychology. What I believe you are doing is seeing things which are not really there and disregarding other aspects in the anime, both of which I will explain later.  
I'll start with a few key symptoms of PTSD, which are the following: repeated flash-backs of the event in question, and avoidance of anything whatsoever having do to with the event. Of course, there's also anger and sleeping issues and the such, although it's really the two symptoms aforementioned which separate PTSD from other anxiety disorders. Neither of these issues are shown within the anime, and certainly not avoidance of stimuli alluding to Kamina's death (Yoko did confront the whats-her-name princess, asking her in her face, literally, what the heck do you know about Kamina). There's also the issue of duration for PTSD to be even classified as PTSD, which is one month, rendering any diagnosis of PTSD for Yoko moot and impossible. A character who would more aptly fit the description of the disorder would be, in fact, Simon. For several episodes, if memory serves, Simon was completely depressed and even irrationally blamed himself for Kamina's death. This caused such an impairment in his social relations that hardly anyone other then the princess talked with him at all, all of these factors which would place Simon as the more likely to have PTSD. But then I'm digressing from the real discussion. The events at the beach are the focal point and climax, if you will, of her depression. Whether this is caused by jealousy or depression, or a mixture of both we may never know, but no evidence points towards PTSD other then anger at being shunned. Many anime series actually use the sequence of events as a method for the main female protagonist to  eventually warm up to the newcomer, nothing more, nothing less. Naturally, by the next episode relations between Yoko and the princess are fine and all ill-feelings are suddenly gone.   
In a sense, you are correct. Episode 12 inadvertently angered Yoko fans such as you, and me to be honest, by showing how Yoko was ostensibly weaker then the princess. However going a step further and bundling all that into PTSD is several laps ahead in my opinion.  
You're reference to Gainax ordering the elimination of Kamina and Yoko and the justification for it is surprising and interesting. Kamina has been one of the most popular characters in anime of all time, and Yoko has been a popular character as well. In a few years, if not already, I see Yoko overtaking Asuka Langely Soryu as the most popular redhead in all of anime, no easy feat to accomplish considering the bizarre profusion of redheads. Replacing either with a magical princess character would obviously not aid the series economically in any way. In your own words, most of anime's intended audience are young men. Adding a princess character doesn't seem to fit that demographic. If you told me Gainax ordered the elimination of Kamina, that I would believe. His death was so sudden and plain meaningless, in my opinion, that I wondered if Gainax didn't just kill Kamina off for the sake of making the series more unique and special. However the order to eliminate or make Yoko disappear? If anything, a scantily-clad girl with a big gun was what drew me in Gurren Lagann in the first place, and many popularity polls seem to indicate that as well. 
By now I'm off-topic in replying to your points and to the topic itself. Simply put, I believe you are hallucinating connections between yourself and Yoko. Gainax did a fantastic job in displaying a more human side to our favorite redheaded character, but saying she has PTSD is a mite too far. 
Now in response to the original topic, yes, Yoko has fast become one of my favorite characters. No one else quite combines her energetic, forceful and compassionate personality, and not many other girls have a big-ass gun and the skills to match.  
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