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Check this video out -- Kuroshitsuji} Ciel x Sebastian // Promise Of A Lifetime Very beautiful video.
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Kinda self-explanatory isn't it?  
Cute anime characters, powered and not.
1. Dan JD
2. Near

how can you not love that long white hair and the long sleeves? :D

3. Touma Hashiba

Yes, the archer has made his way here.

4. Hanabusa Aidou

Aside from Zero, Aidou is the second cutest vampire in the series.

5. Archer

Cause he is. ^__^

6. Hagi

I know technically he does not fit the bill for a 'cutie' but Hagi is just adorable. Plus he has a gorgeous body.

7. Raven

Those eyes...OMG...those eyes!

8. Allen Walker
9. Romeo Candorebanto Montague

He's gorgeous, come on! ;)

10. Zero Kiryuu

He has such soft eyes :)

11. Kain Akatsuki

Need I say more? :P

12. Senri Shiki

So cute.

13. Volume 9

Unfortunately there is no article about whoever is on the cover here, but he is CUTE!

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