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I have been reading the unit about sleep of the book Neuroscience by Dale Purves, which I used as a source text for my final work at University to get my Translator degree, in order to get some objective information on my insomnia. Some useful things I have learned so far:
Sleep deprivation not only can kill you, but can generate problems with your memory, mood and hallucinations. Yes, hallucinations. And I thought Satoshi Kon's Paprika dream sequences were precisely that, dreams. 
You can miss any type of sleep, except REM sleep. Stages I, II, III and IV are restorative stages. REM stage is when dreams occur, but why is it so important? Our minds 'reboot' during that stage and also put in order daily memories and information. Scientists say that might be the reason why we have dreams. Sigmund Freud might not have been right.
Thank God my insomnia is not genetic. Fatal familial insomnia is a genetic disorder that appears at middle age and people who suffer it die within years. Scary. 
Go out to get some sunlight; it helps to regulate the circadian (24-hour) clock that regulates sleep and wakefulness cycles.
After this post, I think I'll be on the mood for some nice surrealist film, like Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep. Or watch for 110th time Paprika (certainly with a whole new perspective).

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