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Has someone ever told you are like a certain anime or manga character? Has it been like a compliment or all the contrary? Let me tell you about my case.
I have never been a super extroverted person. I don't like being in the spotlight or being the center of attention, and because of my hobbies and interests it has not been that way. When I get recognition for something is quite a surprise for me. That's why my presence in school was quite discreet (unless I was hit by a ball during PE class, which happened with frecuency). I was generally reading, listening music in my walkman or talking to the very few people I considered my friends (which were not my classmates).   
When I was in Junior year at High School, my younger sister was a freshman. By the way, she is my absolute opposite, and I'm quite sure she fits in the Tsundere standard of any otaku. One day while I was chatting with my friends during lunch, she approached us and greeted me with a 'WASSUP AYANAMI!!!' that echoed in the whole cafeteria. Showing her Evangelion was a very bad idea indeed. My sister's explanation was the following: 'c'mon. Short hair, pale, reads books, doesn't talk a lot...that's tottaly you. Don't you think the same, guys?' (referring to my friends). They nodded; I resigned. Whenever she could, she raised the comparison subject, even in College (we went to the same, to my bad luck).
For my last birthday, my family came to my apartment. I have a big bookshelf in which my manga, CD's, DVD's, figures and books are nicely displayed. My mom was amazed about the figures, she couldn't get her eyes of them for a while. Perhaps she was thinking on the money I spent on them...
Yep, this one.
Yep, this one.
'You look a lot like this one...'  
I remained silent. 
'...especially when you were in High School! Even the uniform is similar!' 
(Believe me, my school uniform was a lot worse. I studied in a Catholic School.)
'If you say so, mom...'  
'Then why do you have a Rei avatar?' you may ask yourself. She is indeed one of my favorite charachers (from movies, tv, books, etc.) , but I think insisting on a comparison is unnecesary. What do you think?
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