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After watching both Clannad and Clannad After Story you can't help but feel a little deppressed. Having witnesed a rollercoaster ride of emotions with uphile cutesy love and the downhile sadness that brought tears to my eyes. I wish there was more of this story, i wish i could watch the family grow up togethor instead of being treated to a 2 minute montage. I know its based of a visual novel so it would be hard to make a 3rd series but Kyoto Animation could easily take creative license and make something awesome.
What i truly loved about Clannad was the great characters. After only 10 episodes of the first season i genuinely cared for all the main characters (except maybe tomoya's friend Youhei Sunohara). I also enjoyed the romance between tomoya and nagisa. It was perfect because they barely showed any romance to each other but through great animation you could tell how much they did love each other and because of there great characters they blush everytime they say something that makes them a couple. This cute and adorable relationship is great to watch and to see the progression of it as the episodes fly by.
*spoilers from this point onwards*
*While i am thankful for the realy wierd happy ending i know that i can't really believe it*
Sometimes I almost wish that Clannad was not as sad as it was because I genuinely wanted Tomoya and Negisa to live happily ever after, I didn't want  to see Nagisa or Ushio die and i wanted to see them be happy togethor living with little Ushio and enjoy there current shy relationship. The shyness is realy what makes there relationship great. They don't even need to express there affection towards each other through kissing or hugging, they just have to look at each other and smile. Come to think of it, they only hug like one or two times and one of those is kinda by accident and then Tomoya proposes. It's just so cute and adorable and I truly wish relationships were more like this. It is truly great writing and great animation that makes this possible to be believable. I was so sad when Nagisa passed away after the birth. You can feel this emotion because having watched all the episodes before this you become attached to the characters and you can't bare to see one of them go, let alone one of the most important and probably one of the best ones.
That is what made Clannad so great. You get attached to the characters and then when something bad happens you get emotional and thats what the writers where aiming for. But after giving it lots of though, i realy wish Clannad After Story was not a drama filled anime. I wish After Story was more like the original series. I wanted to see the relationship between Nagisa and Tomoya blossom and for them to live happily ever after. I wanted After story to not be filled with sadness and instead be happy like the original and the first half of After Story. Unfortunately Clannad is not that kind of story and the writers did what they wanted to do and that is what is makes me so sad. I will never get to see these characters in a new series again. These characters are finished and those characters that i got so attatched to have disapeared from my computer screen because to watch the series again would be pointless. I will be honest. Clannad is only like the 3rd or 4th short anime series i have ever seen. (by short i mean not ongoing like pokemon or naruto.) I want a new series that continues on with Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio living happily, I want this but i know it will never happen. Because if they did remake it, it would probably contain more saddness and sorrow which i could't bare to put myself through.
So i put a question out there is there an Anime very similar to Clannad but without too much sadness?(there can be a little but no main character deaths or tradgedies).
But i know the answer anyway. No there isnt nothing will ever grab my attention again like Clannad because I will be comparing every anime from now on to Clannad and no character will compare to those in Clannad and nore will i find a romantic anime with a shy, kind and cute girl like Nagisa and an angry, mind speaking yet kind guy that is Tomoya.
This is what makes me deppressed about the finish of Clannad. I will always remember you.

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