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Chapter 5 - After detecting poisonous snakes before being attacked. Toriko can remove the snakes from his own body using only the cigarette smoke. He used the cigarette smoke and he conveyed the smoke (probably through the skin) and the snakes been inhale the smoke, the snakes went away quickly.

Toriko can apparently pass smokes through of his own body.

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Chapter 5 - The smell of Toriko can detect beasts, even before they hit.

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Chapter 4 - Here is explained the "Nail Punch". Toriko hits a huge hole in a wall with high thickness.

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I'm analyzing some things with the manga Toriko. I'll start with Chapter 1 Let's see:

The fishing rod of Toriko can handle up to 40 tons of weight.

So the fishing rod of Toriko, easily raises two monsters

First Capture level - CL 3 The Baron Tiger.

Chapter 2 - The fight between Galala Crocodile and Toriko. Galala Crocodile - CL 5

In this fight, we have the basics of the Toriko universe: the techniques of knife and fork, intimidation, Red Oni. Detail at the beginning of the fight Toriko is wounded in the arm (through the bite of the crocodile), the adornment of the wound is irrelevant to Toriko.

Chapter 3 - Toriko shows good agility to jump a good height through the branches of trees. Detail - Toriko paralyzes a beast and he carries it to the nearest town. The dragon weighs 1.3 tons.

Chapter 4 - Here is explained the "Nail Punch". Toriko hits a huge hole in a wall with high thickness. Droll Kong CL - 9. This huge beast can easily destroy 40 tons tanks. Nail Punch - "it is punching simultaneous for multiple times. the more the punch like a strinking a nail the destrution will spread inward."

Chapters 5 and 6 - Toriko confronted a group of Troll Kong (a few dozen). Each Troll Kong has a CL of 9.They can destroy 40 tons tanks, making 2 billion Yen in loss and they can attack with four arms loaded four large rocks. Detail, during of the fight, Toriko was carrying his friend Komatsu. Toriko uses intimidation to paralyze all these Troll Kongs.

Below - The real between Toriko and the Elder Troll Kong. Toriko was using only intimidation, to paralyze it without any effort.

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