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There aren't many who are unfamiliar with this series. Debuting in the spring season of 2011, it has yet to run its full course on japanese television. What is is lauded for, in fact, is its quality and consistency of the art. Reading much of what other anime consumers feel about this has surprised me a bit. It isn't just myself that has come to the conclusion that this series is an insight into a growing Japanese feminism.

The main character, Ohana, is shown to pass through the trials and tribulations from both work and adolescence. Throughout this journey from Tokyo to the rural countryside, she seems to only encounter other strong-willed females. Her maternal Grandmother runs the inn that Ohana is working for. The rival inn accross town is also run by a woman. The only men that are introduced in the story are either sleasy, inadequate, or are unable to commit. Nothing is said about either Ohana's father or grandfather.

Jiroumaru, introduced in the opening episodes as an itinerant author, is revealed as a pervert and a leech, only complaining to extend his, complementary stay at the inn. The manager, Enishi, always calls upon Takako (a woman who "specializes" in modern hotel administration) when the going gets tough.

Other examples for the women are:

Tomoe, one of the senior waitresses at Kissui inn is called by her mother to set up a marriage.

In the end, she decides that her work is more important.

Yuina, heir to the rival inn accross town,

does not feel obligated to follow the footsteps of her mother and decides that she wants to enter a career that she "finds fun."

Satsuki, Ohana's mother runs away with a man during the first episode, sending Ohana to her grandmother in the first place.

The man appears to have flaked later in the season and Satsuki returns to working as a journalist for a magazine.

And if you still are skeptical, let me drop a bombshell.

In the name Ohana, there is the Kanji for "flower." The icon for American Feminism is Rosie the Riveter.

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