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Basic Character Info: (Using the Comic Vice Point System

Age: 21
Appearance Age:  19
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: Teku
Original Name: Cogito Geros
Known Aliases: Archaeologist/Arky, Legacy of the Starforger, Golem
Avatar Appearance: Young Adult with black hair. Battle-form: Varies but over all has brick-textured skin, with one black colored fist and one white colored fist.
Origin of Power: Cosmic
Signature Moves: Form Change, Mountain Crusher, 
Grid points:  (Varies based on form, Average points:)
  • Ag: 8
  • Du: 6 (0, can drop to this if power is over-exerted before he masters it)
  • EP: 6
  • FS: 6
  • In: 7
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 6
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 6
Mini Bio: He was once a human mage who lived on the planet Aterr, where mages fought to buy, sell, and use ancient artifacts left on barrenf planet. Now he is part human, and part titan-golem after having found and absorbed the arms of the titan that created the universe. Being originally human, he struggles with the abilities and costs of his new powers, as well as the villains his power attracts.
Bio Link: TBA




 Titan- Having combined with the arms of the titan that shaped the universe (Which happens to look like a Golem, misnomers, misnomers, misnomers) 
his skin can be harder than iron, yet lightweight. 
  Training- As C.G. does not have full control of his power and is still developing new forms and strategies.
Form Change: 
The ability to change weapons and properties: 
The Left/Black hand of destruction: Controls Properties and Elements of his form. 
The Right/White hand of creation: Controls Weapon form as well as Healing powers. 
Form Examples: 
PoisonxScythe, LightningxChainsaw, FirexClaymore, GroundxShield, AirxMagnum, SteelxBash, CannonXVoid, CannonxNova
Other Powers: 
MountainCrusher: The First form of his final move, tapping into the power of the Golem, he uses Cosmic enhanced force to finish his foe with enough power to destroy a mountain, as of the moment, this move will drain most of his ability to fight.
Inexperience: C.G. Does not yet know how to fully control his powers. 
Shutdown: Upon using too much power he overloads and feels a portion of all pain and sorrow. 
Possessed: He contains the remaining evil emotions of the Golem, those emotions want to take over his body before they are banished/disappear.

Personality/Misc Skills

 Friendly and outgoing, Cogito loves to be nice to others, and strives to find the goodness in people's hearts.
 He loves sushi, and discovering more of Human culture, often lacking the understanding of how it works.
 He is good with both magic and technology, specifically when it applies to inventions and devices, having worked with many different kinds from many different species on his home-world.


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I found this page the other day, many of the screenshots are quite funny.
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This is GaoGurrenGar, created by spikewible on DeviantArt check his art out, its really well done. 
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So I've been gone. 
Sorry Guys, I missed a lot of you, especially my friends from the Community Podcast, sorry about the drop out, school = work = not as much time. 
But I carried all of you on my back and in my heart. 
So, brief updates on me. 
I have a girlfriend (8 months and still going strong!) 
I got my ACT scores back the other day, got a Composite score of 30 
AP Tests next week (Great time to come back to the community XD) 
Started Taking new Meds (No more emotion draining curses in them) 
Less Time :( 
More Awesome :)
I hope to be on a bit more in the next few weeks once AP Tests end and summer begins, if anyone wants to chat or catch up, feel free too. 
I'd really love to get back in touch with a lot of you guys. 
This is Cogito signing off. 
See You Next Time, Space Cowboy. 
P.S. More video posts soon, I have collected quite a few pieces of brilliance.
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  Need I say more?

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