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 First Blog entry,please be nice and understand my level in english,and sentense formations i will use this blog as a way to improve my english too.If you want a better P&S description there must be a lot of this,so don’t lost time posting negative comments here.

Panty and Stocking is the new Gainax anime from the producers of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,well that everyone knows,so I will talk on what I think on it.Somepeople didn’t liked the sexual humour,but I think it’s to be very funny but it’s personal,I understand that not all people found this kind of humour funny,there people who say that Family Guy is not funny this is too expected.The tho Girls are seen as a parody to Mahou Shoujo(Magic Girl)shows and they use na art very simmilar to the Powerpuff Girls anime.I now go for her personalities,Panty is a very perverted woman and sleeps with pratically everyman she sees,and like buying spensive things but can be very funny how she is convinced and her balance with Stocking that is lazy and loves sweets,a very funny and lovely goth girl the tension between both is what make the show entretaining.The villians are always some gross type of thing,exept the two demonesses there are more politically correct than the protagonists and more sucessful but even with that the demonesses lose.

Everychapter starts with Garterbelt the priest calling the women for some mission to get coins to the girl go back to heaven,the have a ploblem with each other and at the end sometimes before sometimes when the moster appehear and they quickly defeat it,with a diferent animation of a model of said monster exploding,like tokusatsu shows,very enjoying I must say.

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